Its Time To Reawaken The Sleeping Giant That Is The Miami Hurricanes

Luis GonzalezCorrespondent IDecember 30, 2009

MIAMI - OCTOBER 04:  Head coach Randy Shannon of the Miami Hurricanes reacts after hearing an explanation of a call from referee Jack Childress, L, and field judge Mike Cullin while taking on the Florida State Seminoles at Dolphin Stadium on October 4, 2008 in Miami, Florida.  (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)
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In a season marred with near misses and games that could have been won by a mere field goal, the Hurricanes finished a disappointing season at 9-4. They lost the Champs Sports Bowl, which is a secondary bowl, to a secondary team that came with more desire. The Hurricanes haven't won a bowl game since the MPC Computers Bowl in 2006.

Miami returned the opening kickoff for a touchdown,  but when they called the kick back, you could see the Miami players with "that here we go again" mentality.

After letting the Badgers get out of control and roar to a 17-7 lead, a lead they kept until the fourth quarter, the Canes finally woke up a little and realized they were in a bowl game. 

Hats off to the defense as usual for doing all they could with an offense that was out possesed, outgained, and outplayed for most of the game. They helped bring the Canes to within six late in the game. After Miami recovered an onside kick, and had a chance to win late in the game, to see a "youngster" drop a ball that didn't seem like the right choice we needed in that situation anyways.

All in all with this #1 draft class starting to have seniors emerge who were freshman, when do we stop putting band aids on problems and just fix them out right. When does our offensive line block like the days of Art Kehoe, where we didn't out size or out weigh you, we out hearted you.

This present state of the Hurricanes in my personal opinion is not a good one. We have all the talent as usual and yet they do not yield results. Much like the Yankees over the years minus this one, we have first rounders, all world players who will be NFL superstars, and yet they cant get it done?

Did anyone not see the documentary on THE U, my school, the most important team to me in the world? We almost don't even look like that anymore. If we invented swagger where the hell is it? The anwser to the problem my friends is our unenthusiastic Head Coach Randy Shannon, who in my opinion should never have been hired.

The great UM teams all had  a fiery head coach that was keen on technique doing things right and making sure you had a good sized fire under your ass. Even the worst coach in our history Larry Coker, who sucked at every facet of coaching, was still able to motivate his talented players when he had them. You know before he brought in one of the worst recruiting classes and that whole mess of life he put us in.

Now I want to reiterate, I do NOT hate Randy Shannon, but the man is clearly not the next Schnelly, or Jimmy, or Papa Butch.

If its not calling ridiculously moronic time outs, it's being emotionless at times that require some fire or a swift kick in the ass. The man whose pride and joy was his staunch defense, has even let that slip away from our squad. His face shows he's overwhelmed, and he has run 5 or 6 5 star recruits out of town with his way of dealing with players. Most notably  is Tennessee's Bryce Brown, whose brother is currently on our team.

Had Randy did what was necessary to keep that kid, we would have been a four headed monster with Brown ,who finished in top of the running backs class as a freshman at starter. Graig Cooper, Damien Berry, and Javarus James could have been more than capable backups. We would have been unbeatable, but instead he and other five star recruits have signed come to Miami and left.

There was a time that if football was you specialty there was a line out the door with these guys and they would do anything to be a Cane, and now that is replaced with a bad experience and a all star career at another school? We are not Oklahoma, and we make talent flourish not suffocate it, like the Sooners did to Hall of Fame QB Troy Aikman. We are in the business of winning, at all costs, with no excuses.

The 1991 team wouldn't have blamed a loss on weather or bad calls or any of that nonsense, because even if those champions shot themselves in both feet, we'd still will and heart out a win. That identity is dying, and we as loyal servants to the greatest team Jesus conceived can not let this identity be one of the past but one of present day or the future.

Jon Gruden, or Butch Davis, are the two men, the two generals fit to take our killers to the ultimate victory to the war that is college football. The Coup De Grace, as they say, The national championship.

Jon Gruden won a Super Bowl and was basically fired for being an overachiever. Tampa has never been known as a team which has made good personnel decisions, and Gruden's motivation is just the spark the Canes would need to take a Pete Carroll like ascent in college football. He is a Quarterback at heart who knows defense wins championships. The perfect blend of power and panache.

Being the realist that i am, however, Gruden may be gone to an NFL job before we even get the chance.

So it brings us to Papa Butch, the rebuilder of a legacy of the Bad Boys of Dade County. The ones everyone took off their schedule and didn't want to play. Every year with his sub par Tar Heels he has pulled off an upset on the team he helped build. Every year the Tar Heels underachieve. Butch Davis should do what he should have done in the first place when he left the browns...... COME BACK TO MIAMI!!!

The man knows where the next Ed Reed and Ray Lewis and Warren Sapp are because he found the originals. He knows our talent and our neighborhoods. He knows how to make us play with that Ray Lewis killer instinct or that Frank Gore fire. This my friends is the persona that we have to get back to.

Much like the wild thing in Major League 2, our Canes need to look inside rectify and acknowledge our shortcomings and do whatever it takes to win a national championship again. To reassert ourselves as the best team ever to take an NCAA field.I truly feel getting a new shot of life, or a shot of the same life that made us champions will be the remedy we need today.

I'm sure fair weather bandwaggoning hypocrites will have this and that to say, and since the idiot masses run the show, I think Randy will get a last shot with his seniors next year, but any true fan that's been here since the 80's knows that we need a change.

We need to reawaken the hegemony we once were!!! Because we all know It's All About The U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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