The Return Of The Hitman: Some Thoughts On Bret Hart Coming Back!

Matthew HesterSenior Writer IDecember 30, 2009

Since the rumors started floating around about the return of my favorite wrestler of all time, Bret Hart, I have had many thoughts pop into my head.

At first, I was in denial and didn’t  believe any of what was being said. Still, I couldn’t help but imagine the possibilities that may come from him returning.

Even after Bret made it official, I still had my doubts. This was mainly because of the past that he and Vince have had over the years. After all, Bret has gone out of his way to trash Vince and HBK on many occasions. I wasn’t ready to accept all of this until I actually heard it from the horse’s mouth.

Well, last night the horse finally spoke and confirmed all of the news and rumors that were going around. It is now official that Bret Hart will indeed be back in a WWE ring. I can honestly say I never thought I would see the day that this would happen.

Since it has happened, a passion which I was starting to lose in wrestling is back 100 percent. Now the only question remains is, what exactly will the WWE do with Bret Hart? This is storyline gold, where the possibilities are endless. Coming right out of the gate, you have the ties with Vince and HBK.

It would appear going by last night's promos that were cut by them that it is indeed the direction they are heading in. My question is what will they do with this story line? The easy route to travel would have Hart as the new GM for a while. That way Bret, Vince, and HBK can easily follow through each week with this story line. I am hoping though that they decide to take steps in other directions.

Bret’s return can do so much for the WWE. I think it would be a waste to spend all his time on the Montreal Screw job incident. I would like to see them use Bret to push the Hart Dynasty. The story and players are there to make this happen.

A lengthy feud with DX for the tag titles can go a long way for the young team. It can be the return of the Hart Foundation with Bret leading the way.

As for myself, I am going to lay out a pipe dream that I would like to see happen. Could you imagine how big a HBK vs. Bret Hart match at Wrestlemania could be?  A match of this magnitude could be remembered for decades. Vince has the chance to strike pay dirt with this bout.

I know what all of you are already thinking. You're saying to yourself that this is impossible; you’re also saying that Bret has made it clear in the past that he is unable to wrestle. I would have to agree with all of you on those points. He has stated many times that he would be unable to ever wrestle again at a 100 percent capacity.

I have to be honest though. The last time that I saw Bret Hart he seemed like he was fine. He was able to walk and talk like normal person. I’m not saying that this makes him raring to go, but what I am saying is that he isn’t crippled.

With the wonders of modern medicine, who knows just how well he is? It’s not like we have never had an athlete come back and compete after a stroke.

In all likelihood, this match will never happen. All I am saying is, what if? You have to admit that his returning to the ring one last time would be magical.

In the world of pro wrestling, you just never know what will happen. Logic says that this won’t happen. Logic also says that I am spewing out nothing more than a pipe dream.

As we have seen in the past though, it is not always logic that dictates the future. All I am asking all of you to do is simply keep an open mind. Now matter what his return is though, I am just happy to see “The best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be” back.