The AFC: Who Is The Hottest Team Right Now?

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The AFC: Who Is The Hottest Team Right Now?
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At this time of the season, you want to be the hottest team. History proves that as that has been the case the majority of the years since the NFL was established. So who is the hottest AFC team this time of year?

Division Leaders:

Indianapolis Colts (14-1):  The Colts have clinched "Home Field Advantage," but how much of an advantage will it be if they continue to play like they did the last two weeks. Everyone knows they probably would've won against the Jets to continue with their undefeated season, but it would've been a close one, and if that performance was against the Chargers it probably wouldn't have gone so well for the Colts. They need to get back to how they were around week 7, when they really WERE unstoppable.

San Diego Chargers (12-3): In my opinion, the hottest team is the Chargers. They have won the last 10 games and the majority of them have been have been convincing. This group of players are getting better each and every week and playing their hardest every game. Though the last few years have been this way, I think this is the Chargers year to finally make it to the Super Bowl.

New England Patriots (10-5): New England was in a bit of a slump a few weeks ago, but since then they looked like the normal Patriots, winning the last 3 pretty convincingly. As we all know, Tom Brady is very competitive in the playoffs, but he doesn't have the talent he did when he got his Super Bowl rings. They will probably take a first round win, but a win in Indianapolis will be pretty tough.

Cincinnati Bengals (10-5): The Bengals have been off and on the last few weeks, and when it comes time for the playoffs, you can't be an off and team. They aren't really hot right now, and I don't see them making it past the first round, depending on who they play. The loss of Chris Henry could also become a distraction, and you don't want distractions when you are trying to win a Super Bowl.

In the hunt: 

The only teams that are in the hunt that I could even imagine making it to the Super Bowl are: ...........maybe Pittsburg.

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