UFC Vs Strikeforce. 10 Fighters, 5 Fights, 1 Winner.

David KuzminskiContributor IDecember 29, 2009

      Ever since Strikeforce signed Fedor Emilianenko over the UFC, the "war" between the UFC and Strikeforce began. Since then Strikeforce put a solid card featuring Fedor Emilianenko vs Brett Rogers CBS, a national television network, to get  international some publicity and Strikeforce signed former UFC middleweight and light heavyweight title contender Dan Henderson. The UFC countered by putting UFC 105 Couture vs Vera on national televison.


     Weather the UFC or Strikeforce put there events on Pay Per View or on national televison, me and millions of other people across the world are going to watch both until one goes out of business. But a way for both organizations to gain some extra fans over the other is to have a similar event to UFC 58 Canada vs USA. But instead of Canada vs USA, UFC vs Strikeforce. This event should not happen until Strikeforce's new acquisitions such as Fedor Emilianenko, Dan Henderson, and Bobby Lashley start to make an impact.


    Each organization will make there heavyweight, light heavyweight, middleweight, welterweight, and lightweight champions fight the opposing organization's champion. The winner of this event would probably attract more fans then the other because the people want to watch the best fighters in the world and winning this compitition would prove who has the more world class fighters. Maybe just for fun Dana White can scrap it out with Scott Coker to see which boss is better.


    But the problem is the two organizations combining for an event is highly unlikey, even though this would probably be the highest grossing MMA event ever. The UFC is known as the biggest and best MMA organization in the world, but the roster of Strikeforce does make me kinda think of what organization is better. But if this event were to happen we would probably see Brock vs Fedor which is a fight EVERYBODY wants to see.


    That would be an event for the ages, but unless Dana White and Scott Coker decide to agree and work together, we won't see it at all. I think for one night they shouldn't promote their respective organizations, but they should promote their respective sport, MMA.