Monday Night Thiller: Bears Shake Up Vikings and NFC Picture

Brandon GrossContributor IDecember 29, 2009

Monday Night Football has hosted some pretty memorable games this season, From the Patriotic Comeback of Tom Brady in Week 1 to Brett Favre's emotional game against his old team.

The last Monday Night game of the decade was one for the ages. After a "heated discussion" between Minnesota Vikings head coach Brad Childress and QB Brett Favre, it seemed almost certain that they could put this behind them with a winnable game against a low spirited Bears team.

With an 11-3 record, the Minnesota Vikings still had a chance to still compete for a top spot in the NFC Playoff picture, after the 13-2 Saints lost an embarrasing divisional game to the now 3-12 Tampa Bay Buccaneers. With New Orleans traveling to the Panthers next week who shut the lights off in Giants Stadium last week, Minnesota had a good shot at first seed if the with a Saints loss and a win against the Giants who are already feeling blue.

Minnesota had all of this at stake, not to mention Arizona and Philly breathing heavily down their neck. Brett Favre can handle it right?


 Wrong. Watching last nights game you would think Chicago was the tam fighting for their playoff life. If it was this easy for Jay Cutler and Devin Aromashadu to handle this "tough" Vikings D then why can't Philly, Arizona, Dallas or Green Bay do the same.

This game meant more to other teams around the NFC, especially Philly and New Orleans, then it did to the Bears but after their tough win the NFC Playoff Scenario looks something like this-

New Orleans-The road to the Super Bowl goes through Who Dat Nation.

Philadelphia- The Eagles control their destiny for the Two Seed and a first round bye after an injury ridden season and tough losses, making next week's showdown in Big D worth even more.

Minnesota- All hope isn't lost yet for the second seed. They need to win or tie against the Giants and need a loss from Philly next week. If not their looking at the third seed and a wild card game

Arizona- They have a chance to get a first round bye with a win against Green Bay and a Vikings and Eagles loss.

Green Bay- They aren't moving

Dallas- Can win NFC East and third seed with win and first round bye with win and Arizona and Minnesota losses.

Sunday will be HIGH DRAMA TV, remember we are all witnesses.