Dustin Hazelett: Will We See Paul Daley's Arm Added to His Collection?

Sterling SpiarsAnalyst IDecember 29, 2009

Walking through the arid, blazing sand of the Nevada landscape, the stout frame of Paul "Semtex" Daley travels aimlessly in search of his next opponent.

With reusable semtex explosives attached to both fists, Daley knows that he has the skill set to destroy any combatant who stands in his way.

Stepping behind a hill, away from the sun's menacing glare, Daley finds himself at a standstill, staring directly at his next opponent. In front of him is a very puzzling scene to the untrained eye, the slim 6-foot-1 frame of Dustin "McLovin" Hazelett.

With a thick, grizzled beard, the type that averts eyes from his other features. Such as his black belt, which had five arms swaying back and forth in the harsh, desert winds.

In the eyes of Hazelett, Daley is getting mixed signals. He sees kindness and compassion in the calm gaze of his opponent, but there is something more in the air. A sense of a blood-lusted fury that was about to be unleashed.

Being off for an entire year, there is no question that Hazelett is going to come into this fight with the desire to explode through Daley into the top ten. But this is the old fashion tale of a grappler vs. a striker.

There is no question that Daley's explosive hands probably gives him the advantage in the striking department. The key word in that last sentence is "probably."

While the fans ooh and aah about Hazelett's remarkable jiu jitsu, many of us seem to either forget or completely overlook the striking ability of "McLovin."

Every fight starts at a standing position, and Hazelett is never in a hurry to take the fight down. He is the type of fighter who goes where the fight takes him, which means that we might see a stand-up war.

Hazelett very well might catch Daley off guard with his superior reach, as well as his angles of attack. Hazelett uses his jab with his reach almost to perfection, and he is very talented in delivering effective combos with the snap of your fingers.

Even still, this fight has a great chance of ending up on the mat; most fights do. Here is where the Superbad protege has a serious advantage.

If and when this fight hits the ground, expect "McLovin" to walk away with another arm in his grasp, making it No. 6 to his collection.

Immediately afterwards, after the arm has been attached to his belt, Hazelett will show his never-ending compassion during the post-fight interview. It's simply business on the road to the top, and there's no harm in taking a souvenir along the way.