Why Mariusz Pudzianowski Is Next To Unbeatable In a Ring Or Cage

David KuzminskiContributor IDecember 28, 2009

    Who is Mariusz Pudzianowski? He is a world record, 5 time Worlds Strongest Man, a semi pro rugby player, a former amature Olympic level boxer, a 4th degree black belt in kyrokushin karate, and now he is a professional MMA fighter. After people heard of the news of him going into MMA, they jumped on the opportunity to say whatever they can to bring him down to "human level." But after his sloppy but impressive MMA debut against Marcin Najman, people were a bit more optomistic about his potential in MMA. He has a solid striking game because of his boxing and karate backround and just because his raw strength. His ground game is solid, and improving everyday. His camp, Team Pudzian, brought in a 260 pound Olympic freestyle wrestler for Pudzianowski to spar with. The wrestler was able to take down Pudzianowski, but Pudzian was able to take him down and he was able to control him on the ground, that is some serious ground and pound in the making. In the strength department, Pudzian has no problem, a man will not be able to straighten his arm, leg, or anything on his body for a submission. He won't be able to be choked out because he has no neck to choke. But if sombody impossibly, yes I said impossibly, caught The Dominator in a submission, he WILL NOT TAP. He has a killer instinct that cannot be matched. He once tore his calf in the 4th event of a 12 event strogman compitition, where he pulled a semi the fastest, lifted big tires on a bar the fastest, and lifted rocks that are up to 420 pounds the fastest. Oh and did I mention he ended up winning that compitition to capture his world record 5th WSM title. That is the killer instinct I'm talking about. Just for the ones that aren't to fimiliar with the WSM, it is more then just big fat strong guys lifting things, you need plenty of agility, stamina, technique, heart, and of course strength which Pudzian all posses. If one was to get a dominate top position on Pudzian he could easily lift them up, throw them off, pick them up and slam them. What is a 265 pound man to a 80,000 pound plane? If he is to grab a hold of you, he will not let go unless he wants to, not only does he have strong arms, legs etc. he has strong hands from lifting heavy and akward objects. But the biggest question is, does he have a chin? Well look at it this way, in boxing he must have gotten hit, which would give him more tolerance to being hit plus he just has an unmatched killer instict as I said before. The only way you can stop this guy is by not starting with him in the first place. His trainer said in the 2 years of training with Mariusz, he saw more improvement with him then he saw with his best fighters in there entire career. So with a solid camp, a powerful and improving striking game,a dominate and improving ground game, killer strength, relentless stamina, speed and explosiveness, and a killer instinct that the world has never seen, Who is Mariusz Pudzianowski? The next world champion.