WWE: The Return Of The Hitman

BenContributor IDecember 28, 2009

The return of Bret Hart is bigger than if Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock returned to the WWE on the same night. The Hitmans return is the biggest thing to happen in the WWE for years. The reason is the true to life story behind his return.

Bret was the poster boy of the WWE for years, the good guy, the hero and the guy Vince Mcmahon relied on to make everybody else looked good. Anyone who watched Bret Hart will say he made anyone he was in the ring with look like a superstar.

He was the workhourse of the WWE for many years, working five star matches every night with a hectic schedule. The pink and black made him stand-out, along with his unbelievable in ring ability.

During the early 90s he was the reason WWE stayed in business, his fans adored him and every wrestler wanted  to work with him.

During this time and since then he has suffered many tragedies in his life. Deaths of his close friends such as Andre The Giant, Davey Boy Smith, Big Bossman, Curt Hennig and his closest brother Owen. These tragedies would tear any normal man apart.

As well as this he was screwed at the 1997 Survivor Series by the man who was like his father, Vince McMahon. Everybody knows what happened there. Since then he has also suffered a stroke, which he has battled back from.

Bret Hart the man, not the character has now built up the personal courage to return to the place where most of these tragedies happened. If all goes well he should be allowed to bow out in glory and allowed to live the rest of his life a happy man.

The return is close, one week today. When his music hits we will see a very different Bret Hart from the one we last saw in a WWE ring. The crowd will still go nuts, but when we see Bret stood confronting Vince McMahon on Monday Night Raw it will be a special moment.

The storyline needs to be perfect, the ending at Wrestlemania needs to be perfect. Bret always carries out his work to pure perfection, and hopefully the WWE will too. Im not getting my hopes up of him having a match, his health is more important. If all goes well it will massively help the WWE, they need a massive storyline. And it will massively help Bret personally. Vince don't screw it up.

The return needs to be Excellently Executed to help all involved.