Detroit Pistons: Looking For an All-Star For 2009?

Chris WilfongContributor IJune 21, 2008

 To start, I would just like to say that the Celtics were very deserving of their NBA title win. I don't want to take anything away from them.

 That said, I supported the Pistons from start to finish. I wanted Detroit to win the title, and am very disappointed in their performance this past year. I didn't see the same play that kept the Pistons in the running for best team in the regular season during the playoffs. They just were not "running on all cylinders".

 I'm sorry, I was trying to avoid the obligatory pun. It was just too easy.

 I agree that change is needed. Joe Dumars already sees the need for a new head coach, and I'm still on the fence about that choice. Now I hear an interesting story coming out of the Carmelo Anthony trade rumor mill.

 Reportedly, Detroit heard that Denver was looking to trade Anthony away and thought it would be a good investment. Mr. Dumars decided that "Melo" is a quality athlete and needed to match his talent in the trade offer. So which All-Star does he offer in exchange? Try All-Stars, Chauncey Billups and Tayshaun Prince.

 Denver didn't like this deal and offered up Iverson instead. They even gave the Pistons an option featuring Marcus Camby if they weren't interested in AI. It seems Joe Dumars only has eyes for Carmelo.

 The best part about this whole offer is that Anthony says he plans on staying with Denver. He hasn't even put any thought into which teams he would like to be traded to.

 Keeping Hamilton and Wallace on the team would be the best course of action if you plan on adding a star, but I don't see "Melo" getting better numbers than Prince and Billups combined. At this point I'm just worried that Billups and Prince are offended enough that they are being shopped around to not want to stay here. I will be sad to see either of them go.