WWE Epicness On The Rise: Kingston, Rhodes, DiBiase and More

Tray LeonidasCorrespondent IDecember 28, 2009

Superstars young and old are bringing epicness to the WWE.

Still raging superstars, like the Undertaker and Shawn Michaels and then new blood running around, Like Kofi Kingston and Cody Rodhes.

Then there are huge stars, such as Randy Orton and John Cena.

The epicness of the WWE is on the rise, and superstars like the ones mentioned above keep it that way. Some are being misused, but its not all bad. One day, they'll all be in their rightful places either as Midcards, Entertainers, Or Champions. I'll Name a few.

Cody Rodhes: This kid just has spunk, and I hate how they have him in Legacy as Ortons lap dog but that's how Orton was brought up. Being the son of the American Dream, he obviously has a lot to look forward to. I also say he's overdue for a face turn, as I don't think he plays the bad guy very well without being someone's tool. I Say He Should Turn on Orton and one day, Challenge him for (or not for) the WWE championship. I see Rodhes being as big as, If not bigger than Randy Orton Someday.

Kofi Kingston: Speaking of title shot deserving, Kofi just passes me off as a supremely explosive superstar. Having Feuds with the Big Show and Randy Orton has put him to a Much higher standing in the WWE, and I do see him being the face of the business one day, if only for a while. He's held on to the United States Title for 4 months before losing it to The Miz. He is also a very appealing Fan Favorite, as he can get reactions out of the crowd, as well as a 19 year old writer. This guy has moxy, and it will continue to show for a while.

Ted DiBiase: Another Legacy wrestler being misused.  I thought he should have broken from the group months ago, but he willl have his time to shine. Him and cody are in a pretty similar situation as far as the whole, over due for a face turn, Should challenge and beat Randy Orton, Blah Blah blah. The More charismatic of the 2, I would say he is slightly more deserving than CR.

Dolph Ziggler: Weird name right? The Superstar isn't that bad. He can be explosive and charismatic if needs be, and can be a pretty entertaining heel. He's being Misused simply because we rarely see him in any feuds with anyone, just in tag team division. I say let him start a feud with John Morrison, or Matt Hardy, and he can leave his mark on the WWE Universe.

Matt Hardy: I would have imagined by now that Matt would have tried to follow his brother's footsteps and go for the World Heavyweight championship or avenge Jeff Hardy be kicking the living crap out of CM punk(Way to go creative team). He is a fairly well known star, and can really take matches the distance, just like his brother. He has less personality o course, but he's a fighter, and being a former ECW champion he can definitely put up a run for the title someday.

John Morrison- Now this is a guy with charisma. Even his entrance just shows that not only is he a confident wrestler, he knows it. Or at least we can look at him and tell he knows it. He lost the Intercontinental Title to Drew Mcintyre at TLC, which turned out to be an interesting feud.but he has been high flying since 05, when he had Joey Mercury as a teammate. This Guy has great potential to be something big in the WWE.

Drew Mcintyre: I havent been watching WWE for very long, or i havent been back in it very long, but I looked up and he was the Intercontinental Champion. I dont have much to say about him, but i see he has great Potential to be a Villian of the WWE. He has that look, that Villanious look like Randy Orton has, and his wrestling isn't half bad either.

Sheamus:The Current WWE champion. One of the Fastest of the Business. He got there so quick I didn't know what to say. I like him as a wrestler, his personality lacks a lot to be desired, but its not that big of a problem. Brock Lesnar Had the same problem for a bit too, and he came up just fine. Can Be a Vicious heel someday I believe. Also a very dominating WWE competitor in a few more years, he'll be consistently pushing main events like Cena and Orton.

The WWE is coming into a new generation, and just as we have to say goodbye to the old year, we have to say so long to the old wrestlers as well. I'm looking forward to this new class of wrestlers, and i can't wait to see what the year has in store for us.

Oh yeah, Bret Hart's back too.

Happy New Year My Readers.