Dale Earnhardt Jr. : Born To Be A Race Car Driver?

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Dale Earnhardt Jr. : Born To Be A Race Car Driver?
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Lineage would dictate that indeed Dale Earnhardt Jr. was born to drive a race car. Standing in the limelight of his father's success, it was evident Jr. dreamed one day to achieve greatness in Nascar.

Statistics prove Dale Jr. can drive a race car and win.  He was a Nationwide Champion.  The future looked promising at DEI with wins in the Budweiser car until upheaval with DEI operations degraded forcing Jr. to reconsider his future.  His stepmother, Teresa, more than implied he needed to decide whether to be a celebrity or race car driver.

Dale Jr. is a celebrity even when finishing in the top ten becomes infrequent.  He is most popular driver year after year with Jr. Nation at his back in the worst of times like 2009.

Dale Jr. is a race car driver.  He wants to drive, to win races and championships.  The rapidly approaching 2010 Nascar season will perhaps tell us if he was "born to drive a race car". 

He will return to his real job.  All of his subsequent business endeavors, personal and social obligations, and all other distractions must become secondary.  In 2010 every possible tool in the massive Hendrick tool chest will be used to get Dale Jr. and the 88 not only in the winner's circle, but in place to run for the Championship. 

This is going to be the year for Dale Jr. to get his head straight and prove his racing prowess.  It is time for every racing gene he inherited to perform optimally.  No longer will any excuse suffice for missing a pit stall, hitting walls and other errors that  besieged him in 2009.

The bets are placed and the chips are down.  Dale Jr., if you are born to be a race car driver 2010 is the year to prove it.  We the people of Nascarland are waiting.

Just the way I see it!

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