Urban Meyer Takes Afternoon Off From Florida: What Happened To Priorities?

Dan Scofield@BleedingGoldAnalyst IDecember 27, 2009

Urban Meyer was advised to step away from football "for a little bit."

After 12 hours, college football coaching's recent top dog, has backtracked on his words and has chosen to take a leave of absence rather than resign from his coaching position in Gainesville.

Meyer has lost around 20 pounds and showed up to his presser looking pale, rail-thin, and spoke with monotone, abrupt words.

Taking the same route as Coach K at Duke and maybe even that of Billy Donovan, Meyer told his players after their practice that he wanted to return.

In fact, Meyer told Tebow on the practice field that he "loved him", in which case the players knew something was wrong.

Yesterday, he was quoted as saying that "Family comes first" and resigned. Today, he went back on his words and will work through the health issues due to his love for his football team.

Yet, he still said constantly in his press conference that "family and health come first." I, along with the rest of the nation, am scratching my head already from the words flowing from Meyer's mouth.

So now, the real question that should be addressed by Meyer is: Which priority does your family and health come in today?

The sympathy has shifted to the football program, instead of Meyer now that he is holding it hostage while trying to prioritize.

Some are speculating that the reason for Meyer coming back is to salvage the currently top-ranked Gator recruiting class. However, Meyer may have just realized he acted too soon, too sudden, or even too harshly.

No one wishes bad health onto Florida's head man, however, his reputation around the nation just took another hit.

Why now?

If the doctors hadn't had informed him of a serious health problem, why would he even had raised these questions by resigning in the first place if he was still undecided?

Something smells fishy around the warm waters down South.

Should someone step in and direct Meyer to his bed? Why would Jeremy Foley offer the position back to him if he knew his health was deteriorating, putting aside the impact on his football team for just a second?

Best wishes to Meyer, his family, and especially, the hostages of Florida's football program.