Jim Edmonds: He's a Cub!

tyler hoffmanContributor IJune 21, 2008

Throughout the years, Cubbie fans gather at Wrigley Field to see their beloved team face the Cardinals. Usually they would at some point in the game go "Damn!" or "Are you kidding me!"

They would usually be talking about Jim Edmonds and his "amazingness" with either his bat or in the outfield. With at least ten unforgettable grabs that saved a home run or an extra base hit, he has became one of the best outfielders to ever play the game of baseball.

A known Cardinal for almost his entire career, he became a San Diego Padre at the beginning of the 2008 season. Troubled with injuries, he was held out of spring training, and that began his troubled stint with the Padres.

He was released a month-and-a-half into the season batting around .130 with only one HR.  It was a huge let down for San Diego.

During the offseason, the Chicago Cubs were looking into adding a strong center fielder to be the missing piece in their lineup.  First they were looking into Coco Crisp from the Boston Red Sox, but the deal never went through.

When they found out about Edmonds' release, the Cubs front office was the first to forget about him as a hated Cardinal, and signed him.

Yeah, to the Cubs!

Irony. That summarizes Edmonds as a Cub.

Jim came into the Cubs clubhouse with a chip on his should after being released to once again become a feared outfielder.

He was quiet in the beginning of his stint with the Cubs.   He first showed his rebirth with an over-the-back grab against Houston, then with a game-tying home run against the Braves, then finally in the Crosstown Classic against the White Sox.

In the bottom of the fourth of game two of the three-game homestand at Wrigley, he started it off with a home run to inch closer to the deficit.   When he stepped up to the plate once again in the fourth and belted another out for, yes, the Cubs, not the Cardinals.

Fans everywhere are trying to get comfortable with the fact that Edmonds is now a Cub, and the bleacher bums are now learning to cheer Edmonds in centerfield, not boo him.

Jim's comeback attempt is complete, and I can't wait to see what he does against the Cardinals as a Cub, not vice versa.