The Ultimate Warrior, One Of The Most Underrated Wwe Talent

Dynamite BillCorrespondent IDecember 27, 2009

I know I haven't written for B/R for a long time but I am here to discuss about serious matter. I have read a lot of articles in the Internet describing the ultimate warrior as one of the most overrated of all time, as an idiot etc. 

I am here to prove to you people why warrior is the most underrated talent in wrestling history.

Lets start by discussing some of the reasons people hate Warrior, shall we? Firstly a lot of people claim that he couldn't wrestle, I have to agree on that but who really cares? He might not have been capable of a lot but the fact that he used 3-4 moves was the point of his whole gimmick. In my opinion if he used a lot of moves it would ruin the whole thing.

Also people start moaning about his finisher which was a splash, but how come and nobody moans about the bionic elbow of Dusty Rhodes? If we compare the in-ring ability Warrior is by far better. Lets keep in midn that  Dusty was voted as the most embarassing wrestler while  Warrior wasn't.

Anyways, now that we covered the technical ability lets go to charisma, The Ultimate Warrior is the most charismatic wrestler of all time. He is by far more charismatic that the Rock, and maybe even more charismatic than Hogan. 

Lets face the facts people, when Warrior shacked the ropes he got tons of crowd reaction while in nowdays Batista(by the way im sorry Dave but no matter how hard you will try, you will never be The Ultimate Warrior) does exactly the same thing and he gets zero reaction.

I would also like to discuss the DVD named The self destruction of the Ultimate Warrior. Apparently a lot of WWE wrestlers and managers talk about Warrior and they insult him, in my opinion they just clean the ass of Vince and they are his little bitches. They are jealous of the Warrior because  he was himself, he had the fans that they wanted to have root for them, and he had the balls to stand up to Vince and speak his mind. Heenan in that DVD called Warrior stupid..... lets see: Warrior= an established bodybuilder and chiropractor, Heenan= a 7th grader at the most. Looks like someone is jealous because he had to use politics to look good while Warrior was blessed with the ability to look good. 

That DVD can't be used to make a fair argument because you don't even hear Warriors version of the story. There is a cypriot saying that goes " If I don't praise my house it shall fall on me and kill me". And that is what Vince  and the people that speak in the DVD do. Vince will never admit that Warrior was right, and HHH,Taker etc won't go against the man who employs them.

I know I am going to get negative feedback but I am not here to win a popularity contest, I am here to express my opinion hear yours and respond.