What Happend To The 12-4 Carolina Panthers: Offense

Austin ArnoldContributor IDecember 26, 2009

The NFL logo at midfield Nov. 13, 2006 as the Carolina Panthers host the Tampa Bay Buccaneers  on ESPN Monday Night Football in Charlotte.  The Panthers won 24 - 10.  (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)
A. Messerschmidt/Getty Images

What was the difference from this year and last year? Well, I'll tell you in this article, how the Carolina Panthers went from 12-4, To a losing season. I will breakdown our season difference position by position, from QB to Special Teams. In this section I will do the Offensive side of the ball. Keep a watch out for the Defensive side.


QB: Jake Delhomme has had a struggling year (to say the least). Throwing 18 interceptions and just 8 TD's. Having 21 turnovers, with a QB rating of 59.4.  Once Jake Delhomme gotten uncomfortable he just started to target Steve Smith, (number one receiver) Open or not. This is different from last year with 12 interceptions, and 15 TD's. Having 15 turnovers, and a QB rating of 84.7. Matt Moore who has only started 3 games, has 4 TD's and only 2 interceptions, with as QB rating of 88.0. Now many Panther fans want off with Jake Delhomme and "Wants Moore (more), Moore"

HB: DeAngelo Williams was still in good form, but he wasn't as productive as the 08-09 season. Williams ended the season last year with 18 rushing TD's and 2 receiving TD's, totaling at 20 TD's. This year not even close as far as TD's totaling at 7 TD's none receiving. Jonathan Stewart who has completely taken over when DeAngelo Williams went down has had a total of 229 yards in two games. On the season Stewart has 802 yards, 9 TD's, and only 177 attempts.

FB: Brad Hoover who is the Panthers big blocking Fullback, has only played Nine games this season due to injury. Deangelo Williams, who is used to running thru open holes. Is now running into big walls having to try to create his own plays. Hoover was a big reason D-will was not "pounding” it into the End zone like he should have been.

WR2: Muhsin Muhammad has had one of the worse seasons in his career. Just totaling at 43 catches and 440 yards without an TD, "Moose" maybe slowing down. Muhsin finished the last year with 923 yards, 65 catches, and 5 TD's.

WR1: Steve Smith is putting up to with what "Moose" had last year 60 catches, 922 yards, and 6 TD's. Smith the playmaker couldn't live up to the role this year. Smith has been out of sync with Jake Delhomme all season long. Over running routes, Getting out Jumped, and Just simply being shut down.

Thats it for offense keep a look out for my review on the defense side of the ball. PS stats are not final last update was 12-26-09.PSS didn't include Tight End quite $frankly there the only position that has gotten somewhat better.