Kimbo Slice Hate Escalates

Ryan WalesSenior Analyst IJune 21, 2008

Normally I wouldn't write a Kimbo article, but when one of my favorite fighters called out Mr. Slice, I couldn't help myself. The list of names that has called out Kimbo has been riddled with C level fighters until recently. First former UFC LightHeavyweight Champ Chuck Liddell let Kimbo know how much he loved him.

Now two former UFC contenders have added their names to the long list of people not happy with publicity given to slice.

Matt Lindland while on a radio show calls Kimbo "a no talent bum". He goes on to say that if Kimbo wants some of "The Law" he can have some. Honestly I would rather see Lindland concentrate on his own weight-class but if Kimbo and Shaw are dumb enough to pursue this, I'll watch.

Jeff Monson is one of my favorite fighters and has a reputation for being an overall nice guy. I don't know what Kimbo did to piss him off, but Monson wants Kimbo. In a video released on YouTube Monson calls out Kimbo and asks Gary Shaw to make it happen. The video ends with Monson ripping up the ESPN magazine with Mr. Slice's face on the cover.

I honestly don't know why Monson is calling out Slice. I don't think it's an angle by Shaw because Monson would be one of the worst guys to put against Kimbo. Monson is one of the best no-gi grapplers in the business. If James Thompson gave Kimbo trouble on the ground, Monson would give Kimbo all kinds of difficulty.

Monson has fights lined up and doesn't need to go to EliteXC for fights. Monson's political and social views don't lend him to be looking for fights just for a payday.

I think guys who have put their whole lives in the business, like Monson and Lindland are upset that Kimbo is getting the attention he is. Some may call it jealousy, others will say he should earn everything he gets.

If Kimbo wants the respect and attention of a top-tier fighter, beat top-tier guys. Jeff Monson is volunteering to be that stepping-stone.

The video of Lindland and Monson can be see here.