Angelina Love May Be Set to Make Her Return to TNA

Bill LCorrespondent IDecember 26, 2009

In the Christmas rush, another story has surfaced regarding TNA’s Jan. 4 live episode.  Are we in for shakeup within the most beautiful faction of wrestling?


Word is circulating all over the Internet that The Beautiful People’s former leader, Angelina Love, is set to return to TNA.


Sean McCaffrey of, who also runs a female wrestling promotion called Wrestling Superstars Uncensored, has said that Love will make her return on Jan. 4 during the three-hour live iMPACT broadcast.


Regarding whether this claim is legitimate, McCaffrey deals personally with Love through his WSU promotion.  She appeared on his latest program and is also booked with him for several events throughout 2010.


As we are all familiar, Love was released from her TNA contract this past September due to visa issues.  Not long after her release, Love’s agent posted a blog on her MySpace account stating that she would return once those issues were resolved.


Since her sudden departure from TNA, Love has been spending time on the independent circuit.


At an independent show in Chicago, Love wrestled with her Beautiful People partner, Velvet Sky, and mentioned that her return would be “soon.”  It appears that her return may now be coming to pass.


The former Knockouts Champion played her gimmick very well on the mic and has decent in-ring ability.  Her chemistry with Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne made The Beautiful People's gimmick work successfully as a group as well.


Perhaps Love’s return is timely, as Lacey Von Erich’s stock has dropped to an all-time low with TNA management.  It is rumored that Lacey is “on thin ice” with the company.


Lacey has been resistant to suggestions to further her formal wrestling training and officials have given up on her as a result.  Her perceived negative attitude has become a point of contention among people in the company.


Von Erich is also said to be living her persona to the hilt off camera at the iMPACT Zone rather than keeping it on screen.


Lacey’s days with TNA may be numbered.  Sadly, all she has really accomplished is the derailing of The Beautiful People.  She has not performed well in the ring or on the mic at all.


We can only hope that this is one time that the Internet rumors are indeed true.