Another All-star snub season for Vince Carter?

Mark Joshua Castro@AirJoshuaCastroContributor IDecember 26, 2009

Vince Carter didn't get his all-star spot last season because of his teammate Devin Harris. Though he did get more votes than Harris, the coaches were the one who picks and votes for the all-star reserves. A lot of people thought that Devin Harris was the one responsible for the unexpected winnings of the New Jersey Nets. Now that VC's not with the Nets anymore, the Nets couldn't even get into 10wins without him. If Devin Harris is the one responsible for the wins of the New Jersey Nets last season, why they're having so much hard time to win this season? To think that the roster already improved compared to last season. This season they only lost VC and Ryan Anderson. So, this implies that VC alone=34 wins for any team? Obviously, Ryan Anderson didn't help much of those 34 wins. It's like VC alone left them and they couldn't even get to 10 wins at the time being. Not to mention the roster that Harris has this season is way better than what VC had last year with the Nets. Don't get me wrong, I know all about the injuries and stuff. But, that's not a reasonable excuse not to have at least 5 to 10 wins by now. Last year, Devin Harris wanted to be the star of the team. Now that he is alongside with the improved Brook Lopez, he couldn't even get the team into 5 wins. Now, can people say that Devin Harris is the one responsible for the winnings of the Nets last season? Now, can the people say that he deserve that all-star spot last year because he was the reason of the winnings? The Nets couldn't have 2 all-stars last year because of their standings. But it is clear that VC deserves to be an all-star last season.

This season the same thing is about to happen to Vince. He is only third in the voting's behind Allen Iverson. Despite all the missed games, all the controversies, and all the losses of the 76ers,  Allen Iverson is likely to be an all-star more than Vince this season based on the latest all-star voting's. Because Vince became third in the guards for the east in voting since A.I. transferred from west to east. Also despite the difference in stats which is; A.I. = 14.4, 2.8, and 4.0 against VC's 18.6, 5.1, and 3.2. Not to mention their team's standings.


Of course the coach would vote for the all-star reserves once again. But this season VC deserves to play in the all star game more that A.I. like last year when he deserves it more than Harris. Also, VC's kind of plays deserves to be seen in the all-star game. The circus layups, the long ranged shots, and especially the dunks. YES, the DUNKS. If you didn't watch the North Carolina reunion game last summer, it's time you do. Vince still does it if the game isn't serious.

Bottom line, Vince Carter deserves to be an all-star with the showmanship he has. Well if things go wrong again maybe we can ask Dwight some help for VC's slot. Like what Lebron James did to his man Mo Williams last season when he told the media and commissioner Stern that his teammate Mo Williams deserves that spot. If that happens let's just hope that the media would advertise his request and commissioner Stern would also listen to Dwight.