Rumor Has It: Jeff Hardy Might Be Guilty

Whistler's MotherContributor IDecember 26, 2009

Hi, everyone!  This is my first post here on Bleacher Report, so I hope everyone appreciates what I have to offer here at this marketplace of ideas.

You know, it seems like a lot of Jeff Hardy fans are just so shocked about his arrest on drug charges that they are willing to latch on to any theory that might potentially resolve the question of his "guilt" or "innocence." (Note the use of quotes in that last sentence).
  I suppose it’s possible that some individual, group or agency might be trying to frame Hardy or smear him in some way, but when you have to resort to some kind of complex theory that includes a bunch of loopholes, maybes and "anonymous" tips, there’s something terribly, terribly wrong.

This isn't exactly the O.J. Simpson case or the Scopes Monkey Trial.  There's not a lot of need or cause for high drama and intricate legal wrangling.  The Hardy fans seem hell-bent on proving the conspiracy, though.  The thing of it is, Hardy doesn't have to prove his innocence; The state has to prove his guilt.  Please be calm, Hardy fans.

For my money, it's better to follow Occam's Razor on this one which basically states that the simplest explanation or strategy tends to be the best one.  What we have in Jeff Hardy is an undeniably talented guy who also has a history of trouble with substance abuse.  Given the high-risk bumps that he's sustained throughout his brilliant career, it’s understandable that he struggles a bit with pain management.  With some money in his pocket and "down time" from the business, it’s entirely possible that he made some serious miscalculations and bad choices.  Let's face it:  The fact that you might like his style and the way he works a match doesn’t mean the man is above reproach.  And unless you have Jeff's freshly peed urine in a sealed bottle, you can't effectively argue what is or what is not in the man's system.

It’s amazing that Jeff’s middle name is "Nero," as he shares that name with the infamous Emperor who -- according to legend -- fiddled while Rome burned.  That’s kind of what Hardy fans are doing: fiddling around with adulation and hero worship while Jeff’s life goes up in flames.  
The first step of the Narcotics Anonymous 12-step program is to admit powerlessness over addiction.  It makes me wonder, though...Who is the one with the bigger problem this time around?  Jeff Hardy or his fans?  Well, it seems there’s plenty of denial to go around.

I hope this first offering is both interesting and provocative and that everyone who reads this has a wonderfully blessed holiday season.