The Rebirth Of NWO? Lord Please Not Again (Rant)

Javier E.Contributor IDecember 25, 2009

With all the buzz about Hulk Hogan's partnership with TNA, and its decision to face off against the WWE on Jan,2010 still raging.

Another possibility is forming. Recent reports are reporting that TNA is attempting to sign X-Pac. Adding to that is that former NWO member Scott Hall has already signed with TNA.

Kevin Nash has been hinting for weeks about Hogan not coming alone and how he wants to bring the band together again.

So it looks like sure fire we will lay witness to the returning of the legendary NWO. But is this a good thing?

Personally I hope this doesn't happen. Why? Because we just got thru watching a group of fourty-plus age wrestlers bury the younger talent for what seemed like ages. I'm talking about the Main Event Mafia. They were critized for terrorizing and controlling the singles, and tag team division.

Wrestlers like AJ Styles, Daniels, Machine Guns, Samoa Joe, Beer Money, Matt Morgon were pushed aside in favor of the older wrestlers who could've dropped dead at any second.

TNA eventully came to its senses and killed off the Mafia. Soon after younger talent began to finally get the push's they deserve as AJ Styles is currently champion, the Machine Guns are getting their push, and Desmond Wolfe is currently in an amazing feud with Kurt Angle.

All of that could go down the drain once the NWO returns and then what?

Hogan himself has said he'd be interested in having NWO go up against the TNA Originals. This will basically just be another Mafia vs Frontline storyline.

Nash and Hogan are known for their political power backstage and their influence on the writers. So we could see them constantly in the spotlight while deserving superstars are pushed down. This is one of the things that led to the death of WCW. This one problem of these two constantly in the main event scene which could enrage the wrestlers going no where.

Who knows though; maybe I'm being a little harsh about this and Hogan actully does want to make TNA the most succesful wrestling company in the world. Who knows? We'll have to wait and see.

I just hope we don't have to witness to disastrous moments like the now infamous Fingerpoke of Doom.

I sure as hell don't.