Christmas Day Game Is The Last Test To Prove Playoff Worthyness

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Christmas Day Game Is The Last Test To Prove Playoff Worthyness
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My thoughts were that if we had a chance to make it to the super bowl, we would have to go into Dallas and pull off a win. Then the the Bengal organization losses a family member four days before they go to San Diego. Up the annie now were playing against emotion....

A Bronco fan posting a hate reply (I won't embarrass him by mentioning his name) that any team could have beaten the Bengals last Sunday because they were emotionally spent. Let me remind you that the biggest upset in boxing history was largely in part due to the death of the fighter's mother shortly before the bout. The fight, James "Buster" Douglas over Mike Tyson. Not only was he emotionally spent, but he had been sick all week....

The Charger win over the Bengals was huge! Nobody else in the NFL would have beat Cinci sunday and I believe that with all my heart. So the Bolts are looking poised for playoff success...But wait, HERE COME THE TITANS!!!

When the Titans started 0-6 I was relieved as I speculated the December schedule. Throughout the season, out of the corner of my eye, I kept watching the those Titans. They just would'nt go away! And even worse, now they are in the hunt for a playoff spot...

So now, for the third week in a row, Chargers are put to the test. If the Chargers are the victors, I don't see any team capable of derailing the historic CHARGE to the super bowl...

NOTE: Titans are playing for their life. Johnson is on fire.  They maybe as hot as the Chargers. They're at home. Advantage Titans? Don't think so. The Chargers beat them the Last two times we played with the season on the line.And, they are without Kearns and Hayneworth. We stopped Johnson twice before ADVANTAGE CHARGERS! Plus they cheap shoted Merriman. The Chargers haven't forgot and yes, PAYBACKS ARE A BITCH!

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