A Cup of Coffee and...My Sports Letter to Santa

Chris WilkinsonContributor IDecember 25, 2009

SAN FRANCISCO - DECEMBER 14:  Michael Crabtree #15 of the San Francisco 49ers in action during their game against the Arizona Cardinals at Candlestick Park on December 14, 2009 in San Francisco, California.  (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

This has to be the greatest time of year, the Christmas season.  Football games have Santa Claus and everybody is sending a list off to dear old St. Nick asking for anything from a BCS bowl win to a national championship in basketball.  Yes, I know the kids ask for toys, but I am talking about us adult types, so without further adeu, I give you a recreation of my letter to Santa Claus.


Dear Santa,

It's me again for I think about the 30th time in the last few dozen years.  You know things have been tough on the job front not only for myself, but for the rest of America.  With that being said, I have a few things I want for Christmas this year.

1.  I want all college athletes at mid majors and high school athletes recruited by mid majors to understand that even if their coach says that they will be coaching there for four years, there is a shot that the statement is not true.  They have to understand it's a business and even though they feel the coach doesn't care he does, just about his family more than yours.  You see $1.5 million a year buys much more Christmas presents than 600k a year.

2.  I'm a Nebraska fan so along with a Ndamukong Suh No. 93 Husker jersey, I would love to see Suh drop into San Fran's or Tampa Bay's lap.  Hear me out here Santa.  Suh would look great in Niner red, but if they can't make a deal to get into the top three, at least get him to a team with a up and coming D and a young offense that is on the verge of success.  Lesser of four evils deal and KC, Detroit, or Cleveland will just waste his talent.

3.  Get the federal government out of my BCS talk.  Yes, we as fans want a playoff at the highest level of college football, but does Congress have to get involved?  They already made a major blunder already this year passing that health care bill, why not have them make amends and fix the economy, not the BCS.

4.  I wish for Michael Crabtree.  I hope he has a near Hall of Fame career at San Fran, comes close to breaking records, and is still despised by Niner fans for holding out almost half of the NFL season.  He has to understand this: neither his college dealings nor does where he was supposed to be pick have any merit on his first contract in the NFL. 

IF he wanted to be shown the money, he should have signed a two or three year deal right off the bat and proved on the NFL fields over the course of the season he was worthy of Heyward-Bay's contract numbers.  On that note, I am glad that Crabtree did fall to SF, H-B has been a bust so far, thank you for that Santa.

5.  Speaking of NFL draft Santa, do you think you can make it possible that the NFL adapt the scale that the NBA does for their drafts?  It would sure cut out middlemen and family members going to the media saying my son/cousin/brother deserves more money so he can buy me a big house, a big Cadillac with 24 inch gold rims, and I can live off him and not have a job no more.  Stupidity running rampant Santa.

6.  For C.J. Spiller I hope he is drafted high and that he gives his momma a nice house.  You see Santa, last year CJ's momma pitched a fit cause he went back to school.  I guess she didin't want to have to work one more year and wanted a big mansion for Christmas last year.

CJ owes his mom a house, just not a mansion.  Oh yeah, and I hope CJ has the cajones to bless his mom with a Japanese four banger of a car, not a Cadillac.  Karma bites doesn't it Ms. Spiller.

7.  I would love for more of these young men getting drafted to have the good grounding of Brendan Jennings.  Yeah, he skipped to Italy to get into the NBA draft, but did you hear about the first car he bought, a modest $26,000 Ford variety on the notion that "he might get locked out in two or three years."  Smart young man, good business savvy.  Just hope he dropped most of the idiot hangers-on as well.

8.  NBA style: I want Tyler Hansborough to be the surprise of the year part two.  People say he would be a role player at best, butI love his grit and toughness.  Thank you for letting Indy draft him to Santa.

9.  For Nebraska I would love to end the year right with a Holiday Bowl win.  NU has had a great year thus far and they need to keep it up.  Also, for other Nebraska fans I would love the ones calling for certain coaches to be fired to get a grip.  One bad year shouldn't cause this much ruckus.  They did give Bill Callahan and his posse four years.

10.  Hockey style:  I would love to have more games on NBC.  I had to cancel my dish service due to the economy.

11.  Sports on the internet style: I would love for it to be easier, even free of charge to get all games radio broadcasts on-line for free.  I don't care if its college or pro.  The big guys in charge have to understand not everybody is making a $1 million a year.

12.  Finally Santa, I want to thank you for the snow fall on Dec. 23, 2009.  It was fun taking my wife and kids to the park to have a snowball fight, make snow angels, and a modest snowman.  Thank you also for returning SE Arizona back to normal and having it melt by that afternoon. 

I haven't owned a shovel or ice scraper since I moved down here Santa.  Oh yeah, could I get a ice scraper for Christmas as well?  I need one to clear my windows in the morning.  It gets cold in the desert at night.

13.  Finally Santa, I wish for all sports fans to understand that it should go 1. God, 2. Family, 3. everything else including sports.  Nothing is more important than God and family.  Oh yeah, also I wish for you to send to all my readers out there from my family to theirs a very blessed and Merry Christmas an here's to a happier and better New Year.  God bless.


Chris Wilkinson

Father, husband, sports fan, and writer