TCU Dismantles LSU in First Round Playoff Game and Prove They Belong!

Jon Sarver@ IDecember 24, 2009

#5 TCU Dismantles #12 LSU in First Round Playoff Game Proving the "Little Boys"  Belong!

What if there was a playoff

What if we could do more than blog about it? 

Your opportunity to do more than just read about it is here. 

Check out and find out how YOU can Dump the BCS and Demand a College Football Playoff now!

And now to our game  whose outcome was determined the same way the BCS determines its' rankings and bowl teams...

#5 TCU Throttles Outmanned LSU

In a game played at Cowboys Stadium (New Cotton Bowl Site), TCU dismantled LSU 46-28 before 100,215 crazy TCU and LSU fans, in a game that was not as close as the score indicated.

On the list of notable attendees were two former presidents who happened to be related to each other and Cowboy Owner Jerry Jones who suggested that "Cowboys Stadium will play a major role as a host city in this playoff scenario as time moves on." 

Later in the game sitting by both Bush No. 41 & 43, Jones said, "For now, the Dallas Metroplex is happy to host this first round game in a playoff tournament that has been badly needed for 50 years!" 

Both the former presidents agreed that the State of Texas should play a much bigger role in determining a NCAA National Champion than it currently does now!

Behind Andy Dalton's two long first quarter touchdown passes to Jeremy Kerley for 49 yards and Bart Johnson for 18 yards, TCU ran out to a  quick 14-0 lead. 

The total yardage at the end of the first quarter was 199-15 and it had many people wondering why the success of TCU had been so marginalized in 2009 because they weren't in a major conference! 

Les Miles of LSU was heard saying after the game that "Even though we lost, this playoff is long overdue.  It is about time we play for the win on the field!" 

LSU, the third SEC team in the tournament due to their No. 12 ranking, struggled in the first quarter against TCU and realized they were indeed in the game with the "Big Boys" whether TCU was from one of the six major conferences or not! 

TCU Coach Gary Patterson was heard before the game claiming that TCU was going to show LSU and the SEC that they belonged in this tournament as a No. 5 seed.  He further stated, "We thank the committee for balancing the fact that Florida got a home game by giving us a 'near' home game at the most amazing stadium in America!"

After the first two early TCU scores, LSU settled down and behind the passing of Jordan Jefferson and the rushing of Charles Scott, marched right down the field to the Horned Frog 15 yard line. 

It was at that point that Les Miles tried a little trickery with a reverse that saw Brandon LaFell not only lose six yards but fumble the ball into the hands of a shocked TCU defender.

Then the Horned Frogs, behind Andy Dalton's 6-6 for 56 yards and the slick running of Bart Johnson, and a thirty yard touchdown pass to Joseph Turner, found themselves ahead 21-0 as the first half edged to an end. 

It looked like the game was over!

The crowd at Texas Stadium was aware the University of Texas crowd would see the score and try to top it later in the day.  

The "Austin gang" would find out later that the only "Yellow Rose of Texas" would be found in Texas Stadium that day,

The second half began with LSU taking the kickoff 60 yards behind the nimble passing of Jordan Jefferson. 

On third and two at the 32 yard line, Jefferson handed off to seldom used Stevan Ridley who subsequently fumbled the ball Tank Carder who rumbled (thank you Mr. College Football Keith Jackson) down the field 68 yards for a touchdown and a huge 28-0 TCU lead. 

Suddenly TCU (a former SWC School) and the Mountain West Conference did not look so second class anymore. TCU was beating LSU badly, a very respectable SEC team, and a two-time National Champion in the first decade of the new millennium. 

The Mountain West Conference Commissioner was heard saying, "The great thing about the new GridIron Gauntlet 16 Team College Football Playoff is that it brings conferences together that traditionally avoid each other."

Mountain West meet the Southeast Conference.

When do you see the Mountain West beating up on the SEC? 

Only in the GridIron Gauntlet!

It also highlights College Football in December and January and takes into account finals for students, all the bowl games, enhances the former BCS Bowls and puts College Football head to head with Pro football. 

Also, it will make everyone more money for their programs than ever before. 

The GridIron Gauntlet is a win/win for everyone!

The GridIron Gauntlet is football heaven for the football fan!

By mid way through the third quarter, the Tiger fans were thinking tailgate and some Louisiana Cajun food, but the team was finally getting into gear. 

A 10 play 87 yard drive capped off by a Charles Scott one yard dive that narrowed the score to 28-7. 

LSU then executed a perfect and somewhat surprising on side kick by Josh Jasper and just 25 seconds later found themselves in the end zone with a quick Jefferson to Brandon LaFell bullet and suddenly we had a game, with TCU now leading 28-14.

That was until TCU showed why they were anything but the No. 5 team seeded GridIron Gauntlet team!

TCU's Jeremy Kerley blasted through the hyped LSU kickoff squad and bolted 83 yards to pay dirt and a 34-14 lead. The PAT was missed but the hopes of LSU advancing in this 16 Team GridIron Gauntlet 16 team Playoff were dashed!

Or, so we thought! That's why a playoff is so great!


Flash forward to reality...

During the typical "Kiss your sister" bowl season it is not uncommon to hear announcers "fire" excuses for poor performances by teams that seemingly do not want to be there. 

Already in 2009 two Pac 10 teams—Oregon State and California—have been boat raced by the "Weaker?" Mountain West Conference. 

Among the excuses for Oregon State was they were still a bit disappointed in not playing in the Rose Bowl and were not excited about freezing to death in Vegas! 

Apparently California couldn't handle the cold in San Diego either! 

The teams that have more on the line generally play better in these games. 

Should either BYU or Utah be in the GridIron Gauntlet in 2009?


Back to our game...

The fourth quarter was wide open and highlighted just why the 16 Team Playoff is such a good idea. 

Both teams continued to play wide open down to the final gum behind two Horned Frog field goals and a late fumble return for a touchdown as time expired! 

The energy in the game was high even until the end of the game.  

The teams indeed had something to play for.

LSU was down but not out as they proved in those last few that they belonged as well. 

With two late touchdown passes from Jordan Jefferson to R.J. Jackson for 25 yards and one to Rueben Randle for 30 yards with two minutes left.

After the game they accepted a Capital One Bowl bid which was allowable for any  team that lost in the first round of the Gridron Gauntlet.

TCU remains undefeated heading into a second round game in the Fiesta Bowl against undefeated Cincinnati on Jan. 1st, setting up a huge contest between two unbeaten teams. 

The Fiesta Bowl Committee was thrilled to have their first meaningful game other than a BCS Championship Game in years!

The game was a win for Dallas which showed they were more than equal to any of the former BCS Bowls in attendance, hospitality and most of all, stadium amenities. 

Could Dallas be a major player in the GridIron Gauntlet 16 Team Playoff rotation and bring the Mid West back into the major bowl game?

Time will answer that one!

The 2009 GridIron Gauntlet playoff is a simulated playoff system and meant for entertainment only.  

Hey, LSU, are you entertained yet? 

We know the TCU fans are dreaming of a chance to play for a legitimate National Championship so why do you sit there and put up with the BS in the BCS?

We don't know if this result is accurate, but what we do know is that we need to demand that the College Conference Commissioners and College Presidents stop stonewalling and dump the BCS for a College Football Playoff NOW. is coordinating a nationwide protest of the BCS games.  Read how you can become involved NOW!

45 Second Recap

#5 TCU (46) Vs. #12 LSU (28) (2:00 PM EST) —In a game played at the new Cotton Bowl site, Cowboys Stadium, TCU dismantled LSU 46-28 before 100,215 crazy TCU fans, in a game that was not a close as the score indicated.

Behind Andy Dalton's two  long first quarter touchdown passes TCU ran out to a 21-0 lead first half lead and the all Texas party was in full effect.

Joseph Turner closed out the first half scoring with a 30 yard touchdown and LSU was done! 

TCU remains undefeated heading into a second round game in the Fiesta Bowl against undefeated Cincinnati on Jan. 1st setting up a battle of unbeaten teams!


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