EURO 2008: Quarter Finals Game 2: Turkish Delight

Cameron HagerCorrespondent IJune 21, 2008

Friday June 20th, 2008

Well nothing gets you more excited than seeing a team win in a shootout. It would only be better if that was your team winning.

Anyways, Turkey beat Croatia in classic fashion. Even though Croatia was in control for most of the game they could not score in regular time. They went into extra time and Croatia scored with a huge header in the 119th minute.

Turkey wasn't going to let that go. Turkey played the ball back, kicked the ball to the other end giving the Turkish forward a chance to score and with a diving kick he hits it into the upper left corner of the net tying the game in stoppage time.

It then went into a shootout. Croatia missed, Turkey scored, Croatia missed again, Turkey scored again, Croatia scored for the first time, Turkey scored for a third time. It all came down to this Croatia had to hit this shot to survive. He shoots and the goalie makes a fantastic save getting Turkey into the Semis against Germany!

What a game! I watched the highlights this morning and I was amazed. It seemed like Croatia had the game all for them. As we all know the game isn't over till the final whistle.

Turkey proved to be a good opponent against Croatia by putting them into extra time. Turkey's great goal and shooting gave them a big victory.

Although after seeing this game, I am willing to say Germany will indeed move to the finals. I know that Turkey had a huge comeback but they did not play as good as they should have. They did not score till stoppage time in extra time!

Germany should have a victory against them and I will make a score prediction.  2-1 will be the final score. Germany will score two straight goals and let one go by in the 2nd half.

If I jinxed the Germans then fine but if Turkey does go into the finals whoever will face them will win. I congratulate the Turks and I wish them the best of luck against Germany but my prediction is Germany will win.

The Fanatic is done here and will bring more EURO 2008 action to ya soon.