Ronnie C Wright@@ronniecwrightContributor IDecember 24, 2009

Today - at the University of Florida, the beginning begins with the end which means {GOAL}Go Out And Live...and, along the way you are expected to {GROW}Generate Real Opportunities Wisely...based on your {LABOR}Life's Actions Building Optimum {RESULTS}Realizing Every Step Ultimately Leads To Success...
Jeremy Foley,Urban Meyer, Billy Donovan, Mary Wise, Buddy Alexander, Roland Thornqvist and other leaders in the Gator Nation emphasis "Enthusiasm" - Why? Because they see the importance of {CORE}Center Of Real Excellence that resides inside of {YOU}Your Own Uniqueness. This guiding vision helps you realize the value of positive thinking to increase performance in a measurable way - thus fulfilling the promise you have pledged to achieve.
{THINK}The Head Infinitely Needs Knowledge and 'The Heart Infinitely Needs Kindness' to accomplish greatness. {READ}Realize Excellent Adventure Daily as a {STAR}Someone That Accepts Responsibility, now - clearing the path for the future. As you move through The Swamp of life understand the valuable lessons found in sports and taught by leaders who have mastered the rules of the game. Here - they keenly define {PURPOSE} as "Play Unleashing Real Promise Of Success Everyday..." You start to see meaning in the gift that is present on and off the field of play. The little details are highly considered at UF as necessary things to think over until everyone gets it. And - that's when the real excitement begins.
The first day of training camp you wake up and realize that you are playing for an entire nation. They are there, watching, caring and supporting you. This spirit elevates your game and changes your world; especially in a hard mental and physical world world filled with Tigers, Bulldogs, Tides, Volunteers, Razorbacks, Gamecocks, War Eagles and many more.
Call the Gators achievers because they have learned how to stay {FINE} short for "Fit, Intelligent, Natural & Energetic." How do they achieve their highest potential? {FOCUS}Focus Outstanding Concentration Until Successful and, take {ACTION}Actively Choosing To Improve Options Now.
So, today as you {LEARN}Listen Effectively And Reason Now about "The Florida Gator Way" - start with {HEART}Helping Everyone Achieve Results Today - it's a total team concept that student, players, teachers, coaches, staff and administrators have bought into. You pledge your personal honor and sign your name to "A Contract With Greatness."
Success is a choice; you choose it
and honor it everyday. Choosing it
is a gift that keeps on giving when
you truly appreciate its worth. This
is extremely important in times of
lost because success expects grace,
humility, dignity, sportsmanship and
most of all - you!
To be totally candid - when you walk into the arena at Florida, your number one priority is {DIET}Develop Inner Excellence Today. Everyone is expected to "Stayfine" just like the athletes. How? It's called the "Stayfine System." It incorporates invention, innovation and scientific intelligence in a unique art form designed to help you become a "STAR." Florida Gators follow "4 STAGES." :
STAGE 1: Someone That Appreciates Goodness employing the "ABC's" > no (a)lcohol (b)aked goods & (c)arbohydrates for 2 weeks.
STAGE 2: Someone That Actively Generates Energy from cereals and carbohydrates that are "Red, Bright & Blue."
STAGE 3: Someone That Actively Generates Enthusiasm from reading, writing and solving problems good for the mind, body and spirit.
STAGE 4: Someone That Actively Gets Exercise as a support system to achieve measurable results.
This Stayfine System is fueled by {STEAM}Solution That Enhances All Meals. Steam at least two meals per day - it's easy! And - yes! you can use a little water in a plastic container placed in a microwave. Your Gator meals should include:
> Soups
> Salads
> Sandwiches
> Sides
> Square Meals
> Snacks
> Sweets
> Sips
Sip tea or coffee - it's all good! but, remember - the main power beverage should be water - plain old fashion H2O. Whenever you start - please note that the first two weeks is called the {CRAWL} short for Create Realistic Actions Worth Living.
{SEEK}See Evidence Elevating Knowledge about things that will enable you to endure the good and the pain. Gators seek first then they connect their routine objectives to their primary {GOAL} and, 'Go Out And Live...' Here's a thesis you can write home about: you should invest time to make good choices. Think of it as {TIME}The Invisible Measuring Everyday...and, as {STOCK}Something That Offers Concrete Knowledge that leads you to freedom...The saying goes like this: "Nothing Comes Out Of A Swamp But A Gator." The important lesson is this - choice matters - so choose wisely. This is "The Florida Gator Way." "Go Gators!"