Good Grief, Say Goodbye to 2008 Chief

Chris KreitzerSenior Analyst IJune 20, 2008

Sal Fasano is not happy with the way his new team is playing.

The Indians were swept by the Colorado Rockies this week, subsequently ending any talk of contention this year. I realize that there are 90 games left, but with four of the best players gone for considerable time and the lineup looking amongst the worst in baseball, it is time to look toward 2009.

Terry Pluto officially announced the Tribe season over today, so I will follow suit. Also the DiaTribe has a nice piece about which tough questions the Indians Management is asking themselves today.

CC Sabathia is scheduled to start next Friday against the Reds, so buy your tickets today because I have the sinking feeling it may be his last home start ever as an Indian. Other players I that are more than likely to be dealt before July 31st are David Dellucci, Joe Borowski, and possibly Ryan Garko.

I can't see Wedge allowing Casey Blake to be traded due to their man-bond, though he should be since he will become a free agent at the end of the seaons and would be quite valuable as a utility player for a contending team. I am not completely sold on Garko being the long-term solution for the Indians at first, as he really isn't a power guy. Watching him strike out while his right knee scrapes the ground drives me crazy as well.

Jhonny could be traded to a team in need of a shortstop who can hit every other year and not field, maybe a team like the Orioles or Cubs. With Asdrubal playing everyday at shortstop, Jhonny''s future is either at 3rd or somewhere else.

The 2009 version of the Indians will probably be drastically different than the past 3 with all of these questions flying around. That team is certain to have plenty of losses if C.C. and Byrd are no longer with the team. The rotation will become awful in an instant, and will lack depth in Triple A.

As for Highlights and Areas of Concern, I am going to put in my highlight video of 2007, dream of whip cream pies, and wonder why the Cleveland Indians successfully ruined my summer this year.
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