Pacquiao-Mayweather Fight Off: Mayweather Vehemently Refuses DNA Testing

Hocus PocusContributor IDecember 23, 2009

Las Vegas - A refusal over DNA testing for the planned showdown between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather has led to the cancellation of the long-awaited welterweight showdown, according to the Nevada Athletic Commission.

Amidst relentless claims during the past month by Mayweather's camp, accusing Pacquiao of taking steroids, the five-member Commission became suspicious of Mayweather's motivation.

"Pacquiao has passed every single test he has ever been administered by the Nevada Athletic Commission." Said Pat Lundvall, Commission Chairman, during a charity event on Tuesday. "We took the claims by the Mayweather camp as an insult to our own capacity to conduct fair and accurate testing.

"Having never been put in that situation all members of the Commission became convinced that Mayweather was trying to hide something himself."

It is believed that was the point when it was decided to launch a thorough investigation into the former champions background, all the way back to his childhood.

Investigators were sent to Grand Rapids, Michigan and Las Vegas.

What they uncovered was hard to believe.

"The state of Michigan was able to produce a birth certificate for Floyd Jr., but they had absolutely no records for Floyd Sr. We were amazed, absolutely amazed. 'How could this be?' We wondered amongst ourselves." Said longtime Commission member, Bill D. Brady.

"We tried to piece together possible answers and decided it was our responsibility as a Commission to come up with every imaginable explanation. Then we realized the unthinkable. Could Floyd Mayweather Sr. be the product of a man and a female chimpanzee?

"The Commission took a vote and decided unanimously, that due to Floyd Sr's appearance and long history of obnoxious, outlandish behavior and a seeming 'Inability to control himself,' it was not out of the question." Lundvall said.

The Commission then informed the Mayweather camp that either Floyd Sr. or Floyd Jr. had to undergo thorough DNA testing before the fight would be allowed.

"I ain't gon' do it! I ain't gon' do it!"  Mayweather Jr. responded to the Commission. "And neither is my Daddy!"

This left the Commission in a bind.

"During normal times, we wouldn't have gone to the extent of asking a fighter to submit to DNA testing. But due to Mayweather's unfounded claims against Manny Pacquiao, we decided that this wasn't much different." Said Lundvall.

"If anything, due to the appearance of both Floyd Sr. and Floyd Jr., combined with their long history of erratic behavior. We felt it would actually be more likely that Floyd is indeed part chimpanzee. Versus Manny Pacquiao being found to have taken steroids."

"If Floyd doesn't want to submit to DNA testing, we have no choice but to believe that he is 1/4 chimpanzee and 3/4 man. And we don't allow chimpanzees to compete in the state of Nevada. Therefore, we had no choice but to cancel the fight."