Fun Times with the U.S. Women's National Soccer Team, Part Deux

Kat GalsimCorrespondent IDecember 23, 2009

BEIJING - AUGUST 22:  (L-R) Christie Rampone, Hope Solo and Heather Mitts of the United States pose in the NBC Today Show Studio as part of the Gold Medal winning Women's Football Team at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games on August 22, 2008 in Beijing, China.  (Photo by Ryan Pierse/Getty Images)
Ryan Pierse/Getty Images

"We have a lot of downtime, and sometimes we get a little bored, so we just try to have a fun time. We have a lot of jokes that are entertaining, with me probably being the ringleader of it all. We have a video person there and she records everything. It's good fun!"

So says Natasha Kai when I asked her about all of the hilarious U.S. WNT videos there are on the web. And because my first "Fun Times" post is my most read article on B/R, I thought I'd place a second installment and try to make a series out of it.

Hence, in this season of giving, I present to you more U.S. WNT videos:

Exhibit K : Abby Wambach Pranks Kristine Lilly
Scenario : Wambach hides Lilly's new shoes but leaves the shoebox, making the latter think she left the shoes at the store and only came back with the shoebox.
Best moment : Lilly realizes she just got pranked and immediately asks if the shoes were cute.
Best line : “You should go back there angry. 'I am angry.'”-Julie Foudy suggesting to Lilly to go back to the store.
Runner-up: “You paid for a shoebox?”

Exhibit L
: U.S. WNT Dance
Scenario : A few members of the team talk to Nike about their pregame locker room ritual.
Best moment : Natasha Kai teaching Lindsey Tarpley (a.k.a. "Tarp") how to dance.
Best line : “Tarp is Tarp, and she needs...she's improved.” Kai trying to think of a nice way to describe Tarpley's dancing.

Exhibit M
: Natasha Kai and the Dancing Cow
Scenario : When talking about the team's downtime and their boredom, I asked Kai if that was the reason why she got a dancing cow. "Exactly. Stupid things like that, that amuse us. That's how bored we are."
Best moment : Pretty much the whole thing. I mean come on, it's Kai and a dancing cow.

Exhibit N : Soccer Girls Webisode 5
Scenario : The fifth webisode of 2008's Soccer Girls series chronicles the team's journey from the pre-Olympic matches up to the time they arrived China.
Best moment : Kai helping "grandma" water the plants.
Best line : “I got into a fight with the make up, and it won.” Kai explaining to the camera why she had so much make up on her face. 
Runner-up: “Hope Solo! Here at the Dragon Head!” Hope Solo yelling. Because that's what goalkeepers do. They yell.

Exhibit O
: Recovery Day
Scenario : The day after a game, the team goes to the gym as part of their recovery day.
Best moment : Leslie Osborne and Heather O'Reilly attempting to be boxers.
Best line : I have to make an exception here. Instead of quoting one of the players, I will quote a comment posted on YouTube about this video since it pretty much sums up the whole series: "Dude every single person on the WNT is a character, they all make me laugh." -92391RML


A Nike commercial of the U.S. WNT, "The Greatest Team You've Never Heard Of," featuring Abby Wambach, Hope Solo, Cat Whitehill, Shannon Boxx, Natasha Kai, Lindsay Tarpley, Carli Lloyd, and The Office 's Rainn Wilson as their new PR Manager.