Thoughts on Tommy Dreamer leaving the WWE from The Worlds Biggest Mark

Eric Steiner AKA The Worlds Biggest MarkContributor IIDecember 22, 2009

HOLLYWOOD - AUGUST 21: Wrestler Tommy Dreamer  arrives at the WWE's SummerSlam Kickoff Party at H-Wood Club on August 21, 2009 in Hollywood, California.  (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

It's a dark day or possibly a new beginning for fans of the legendary "Hardcore Icon" Tommy Dreamer. 

According to Mike Johnson of Pro Wrestling Insider, the last of the "ECW Originals", WWE Superstar Tommy Dreamer, has requested a release from WWE.

PWI Insider reports that the thought among many wrestlers was that Monday night was going to be Dreamer's last night on the road with the company. 

Tommy Dreamer was backstage at WWE's Smackdown/ECW house show event in Fort Myers, FL on Monday night and made a scheduled signing appearance on Monday afternoon with Mickie James.

Mickie James posted the following on her Twitter page:

"Just got back from a wonderful dinner w my 2nd fam! Saying farewell 2 a man who has been a leader & inspiration 2 me since my ecw tryout 00" Who has given me the best advice In countless situations. Whom I could never repay but will always respect and love from the bottom of my Heart. There is but 1 Tommy Dreamer aka dream machine! You've paved the way for many. We all are grateful! I love you. Thank you! Muah!"

When Tommy Dreamer is released from WWE, then it also marks the death of an era in the WWE.  A golden age of pro wrestling has ended.  With Tommy Dreamer gone, with him goes the last remaining remnant of the legendary wrestling promotion ECW in the WWE, the greatest promotion for the fans in the history of pro wrestling.

He also embodied the image of selflessness in the WWE, putting over young, up and comming wrestlers in excellent matches on the WWE's version of ECW, as they ascended to the ECW championship.

Though it has been reported Tommy Dreamer is leaving the WWE, not all signs point to the end of Tommy Dreamer's career.

This news comes only days after TNA President Dixie Carter visited with several WWE wrestlers at a bar in Orlando, FL on Sunday night, as reported by on 12/21/09.

WWE was in Orlando Sunday night for Smackdown and ECW TV tapings. At the hotel next door Dixie Carter hosted a Christmas party for TNA.

Some WWE Superstars feared they could get in trouble with WWE management if they went over to the TNA party. So instead, some of the TNA crew and Dixie Carter went over to see the WWE Superstars at a bar.

It was described as being a social visit with Carter meeting some WWE crew for the first time.

The meeting is one of numerous attempts TNA has made to contact WWE talent to possibly persuade them into joining their organization.

It is reported by The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online, that Jim Ross (WWE Commentator) was aggressively approached by the TNA organization to have him locked up to appear on the upcoming live January 4 show, before he decided to sign a short term contract to extend negotiations with the WWE.

With this in mind, I wouldn't be surprised if Tommy Dreamer ended up going to TNA, where he could be reunited with fellow ECW allumni such as the Dudley's, Rhino, Raven and his good friend Taz.

There he could possibly salvage a career that was floating in a sea of mediocrity while working for the WWE's version of ECW, and reclaim his title as "The Innovator of Violence".