The Young Bucks: Could We See Another Young Tag Team in TNA?

Bill LCorrespondent IDecember 22, 2009

It appears that there is a new tag team that could be making their way into TNA.


The Young Bucks are a hot young tag team that has most recently been involved within ROH.  Matt and Nick Massie (who go by Matt and Nick Jackson in the ring) are from Southern California and have had a lifelong love of wrestling. 


With Nick weighing 178 lbs, and Matt weighing 172 lbs, they are not large men but they are very athletic high-fliers.


In 2004 with the help of family, Matt started his own promotion.  High Risk Wrestling ran a number of shows in California.  Their most notable show was the “Highway 2 Hell” event in August 2007.


It was in 2005 that the two became “The Young Bucks” officially and sort of by mistake.  Matt was working under the name “Mr. Instant Replay” and Nick under “Slick Nick.” 


Booker Joey Munoz was unaware of those names and wrote “young bucks” as a temporary name on the card at the event.  It stuck and the two have used it ever since.


They gained exposure outside of Southern California through the National Wrestling Alliance by doing taped matches for Maverick Television, where they still appear regularly via Colours TV. 


In 2007 they debuted with Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, where they met Dragon Gate talent agent Satoshi Oji and wrestler CIMA.  That contact led to an opportunity to wrestle for Dragon Gate in 2008.


Most recently, they’ve wrestled in Ring of Honor, debuting on May 29-30 in Philadelphia where they won both nights.  They even challenged for the tag team titles recently as you’ll see in one of the video links below.


I browsed YouTube to find some video of this team if you haven’t seen them.


A tag team TLC match that takes place in a California promotion


They seem to be an exciting, highflying team.  They put me in the mind of a young Matt and Jeff Hardy when they were tagging together.


Today during the Knockout Eve special taping, The Young Bucks worked a tryout match with Motor City Machine Guns.  According to the report at , the match was filled with insane spots.  TNA officials were said to be impressed with them.


The Young Bucks came in highly praised, and they apparently have helped their cause with their tryout match. seems to think they will be signed to a contract in the near future as a result.


TNA has always had the stronger tag team division over WWE.  If they do add this team to their roster, their tag team division will only get better from what I can see.