Los Angeles Lakers, Boston Celtics: King of The Crop In NBA Rankings

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Los Angeles Lakers, Boston Celtics: King of The Crop In NBA Rankings

NBA Primetime's previous Top 10 Power Rankings list the Lakers and Magic on top, but since then the Celtics have moved into the top alongside of the LA Lakers.

NBA Primetime presents to you the third installment of the Top 10 NBA teams Power Rankings.

1. Los Angeles Lakers (22-4)

Aside from having the best record in the league the Lakers are currently on the best win streak, winning each of their last four contests. Although they have played the majority of games at home, LA has just completed a five game road stretch coming up with four victories. 

2. Boston Celtics (21-5)

The Celtics own the best road record in the NBA with a highly impressive 12-1 record. Coming off of an 11-game winning streak, Boston has only lost one game in the month of December. With a healthy roster the Celtics could remain on top of the East for weeks to come.

3. Orlando Magic (20-7)

After falling to the Heat for the Magic's worst loss of the season Orlando will look to recapture the first seed with the return of All-Star point-guard Jameer Nelson. With a healthy roster (for the first time in ages) the Magic have the talent and depth to shoot back up as one of the Top-Two teams in the league.

4. Atlanta Hawks (19-7)

The Hawks rank fourth in the league in scoring at 105.3 PPG. After suffering a nail-biting loss to the Bulls in overtime Atlanta will look to capture their 20th win on the season against the Timberwolves in Minnesota.

5. Dallas Mavericks (20-8)

The Mavericks have been one of the most impressive teams on the season with big victories against the Lakers, Suns, and Cavaliers. Against Cleveland the Mavericks were without their star Dirk Nowitzki in which they still were able to come out victorious. 

6. Phoenix Suns (18-9)

The Suns remain as the only team in the NBA to have an undefeated home record at 10-0. Not to mention that they also have played the most road games (17) in the league. If Phoenix can finish the month of December strong (facing up against LA, Cleveland, and Boston) there rankings can absolutely sky-rocket.

7. Cleveland Cavaliers (20-8)

The Cavaliers have won eight games in December, with close victories against Portland (104-99), Philadelphia (108-101), and Milwaukee (85-82). The Grizzlies managed to beat Cleveland in overtime and the Mavericks came up with a win against LeBron and Co without Dirk playing on the court.

8. Denver Nuggets (19-9)

Although the Nuggets hold the second best home record in the league (12-1), they have fallen short on the road during the past two games against Memphis and New Orleans putting their road record at 7-8. Once Billups returns to the lineup, the Nuggets should be able to steadily improve on their overall record.

9. Houston Rockets (16-11)

For a team playing without their two superstars (minus McGrady's four game return), the Rockets are off to a fantastic start to the season. With big wins against Los Angeles, Cleveland, and Dallas, and the drastic improvement of Trevor Ariza and Carl Landry, the Rockets have an excellent chance to make the playoffs if all goes well. 

10. Portland Trail Blazers (17-12)

Since losing starting center Greg Oden the Blazers have a combined 5-4 record, with impressive wins against Houston and Phoenix. With trade rumors circulating about dealing away point-guard Andre Miller, Portland will have to place all their focus on the court if the want to remain in the Top 10 rankings. 

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