How Will Bret Hart's Return to WWE Affect His Legacy?

Sean JacksonContributor IIIDecember 21, 2009

When you think of Bret Hart what do you think? Do you remember the Montreal Screwjob? Do you think of his memorable matches against Mr. Perfect Curt Henning or Stone Cold Steve Austin?


Or do you think about all the personal trials he’s had to endure losing family members, friends, and going through a stroke.


When news hit that Bret Hart was returning to the WWE it was nothing short of shocking. This is the same man who was swerved by them in 1997. This was the same man who lost his brother Owen, to a stunt in 1999. There’s been a tug of war going on between Hart and the WWE since his departure.


Now that Bret has signed what does this do for his legacy?


An argument could be made that this is a great move for Hart. Having him back on television will be great for his fans. It can give him a chance to pass his legacy on to his family members. It could give him a chance to say a proper goodbye with a final match.


Bret coming back to the company could be viewed as the ultimate act of forgiveness. Bret buried the hatchet with the WWE. This speaks volumes for his character considering everything he had to endure from the incident in Montreal to Owen’s untimely death.


Of course this could also be viewed from another perspective. Bret’s coming back could be seen as a dumb move. Part of Bret’s allure was the fact that he wouldn’t do business with the WWE. The only time he was seen on television was the Hall of Fame induction.


By coming back it could show Hart as someone who finally relented. That he came crawling back.


Bret could be seen as someone with mixed priorities. He’s someone who values respect and principles, but then will take a deal when it’s convenient for him. He’s someone who will bash the WWE only to return.


I’m not one to judge. Personally I love the fact that he’s back. I don’t know all the circumstances that led to this decision, and to be frank it isn’t any of my business.


I’m not here to question only to state perspectives. Will his return change people’s perceptions of Bret? A lot could rest on what they do with him in the coming months.


It’ll be an interesting few months that’s for sure. A lot will be revealed. Bret’s comeback could mark a new Hart dynasty in wrestling. It could also mark Bret’s final match. Either way it gives fans a chance to see Bret for a few more months. And it could give Bret a chance to say a final goodbye to his fans. Something he wanted to do 12 years ago.