The One True Comparison to Tiger Woods' Problems...Al Green!

Sherman L. McCleskyCorrespondent IDecember 21, 2009

UNITED STATES - MARCH 23:  Tiger Woods reacts to a missed putt on the 18th green during the first round for THE PLAYERS Championship held at the TPC Stadium Course in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida on March 23, 2006.  (Photo by Michael Cohen/Getty Images)
Michael Cohen/Getty Images

Fame has a way of getting to men.

We know this, yet we pretend that we don't. So, in a twisted way, we always pretend to be shocked with the actions of male celebrities when they're caught doing what we really wanted them to do...cheat on their wives! 

Like Las Vegas casinos, we plan to tear down our male celebrities well before we decide to build them up.

Like the evil devils we are, we want to capture a beautiful butterfly, watch it for a moment before deciding to rip its wings off and watch it die.

Yes, we are that with it!

With that being said, I would like to clarify ONE thing about the Tiger Woods scandal: If we're going to act this evil towards him, then let's be smart about it; this should not be compared to any other person other than Al Green.

Al Green was a legendary singer who had a very big problem; he couldn't handle his fame. While he was away, performing concerts and "dealing" with very pretty, young female fans, his "wife" Mary Woodson White, was at home cooking grits.

If you are an Al Green fan, then you know the rest of the story. For those who don't know the story, it's real simple math:


The debate still continues. 

Did Al Green become a better singer before or after the grits? I believed that he became a better singer after the grits because he understood his wrongdoings.

He knew he messed up and he wanted to make amends; so he thought he can make things right by performing better as a singer.

Grits can do that to you. Especially when you're running like hell, crying like a little bitch, while trying to get away from the woman that just threw a bowl of hot grits all over you!

So the question now for Tiger Woods is, "What can a golf club do for him"?

Food for thought.