2009 TNA Wrestling Almost Over: Knockouts Year In Review

Christi LottCorrespondent IDecember 21, 2009

As with the WWE Divas, it's time to take a look back at 2009 for the TNA Knockouts, and see what 2010 could have in store.


Alissa Flash

More commonly known as Cheerleader Melissa, and while in TNA as Raisha Saeed, a new Knockout known as Alissa Flash debuted in July.

Throughout this short time in TNA, Alissa has garnered quite the reputation as an extremely vicious and tough heel, though she has quite the losing streak.

In October she lost a great falls count anywhere match against Hamada, and has struggled in developing into a serious heel contender.

2010 can hold nothing but great hopes and great plans for this veteran of the ring.


Awesome Kong

This woman is without a doubt the face of the TNA Knockouts.

This year was a pretty solid year for Kong, though she can't really have a bad year.

She was TNA Knockouts Champion for most of the year, defending it against the likes of ODB and Sojourner Bolt. She briefly had a "Kongtourage," and even briefly showed signs of turning face while in a feud with The Beautiful People.

She eventually lost the title in a three-way cage match to Angelina Love, and fully turned back into her monster heel role.

Throughout the rest of the year she has feuded with TBP, newcomer Tara, and current champion ODB.

2010 will most likely be another solid year for Kong, and she needs very little to be done in terms of staying on top.



In the beginning of 2009 Daffney was entertaining fans as "The Governor," a gimmick influenced by Sarah Palin.

Thankfully by April, the real Daffney returned to what she's known best for, and made her presence known. In May she was defeated by Taylor Wilde in the first ever Knockouts Monster's Ball match.

She lost another Monsters Ball match with her tag partner Dr. Stevie after once again being slammed through thumbtacks. She lost again to Wilde in a 10,000 Thumbtacks match.

Unfortunately, injury has taken her out of the spotlight for the rest of this year.

Hopefully 2010 will be an up year and see her on the winning side, and continuing to put on matches the rival company would never do with its Divas.



A legendary wrestler in Japan and Mexico, Hamada stepped into the TNA ropes in August, and made her presence and prowess known in a No DQ match against Daffney.

She continued on her whirlwind rise as a face, successfully defeating Alissa Flash in a great Falls Count Anywhere match.

She also defeated both of the Knockout Tag Team Champions.

Early December saw Hamada get a title shot at then-champion Eric Young. Though she completely carried and dominated the match, it ended in a losing effort.

Hamada is truly a fantastic wrestler, and it's been quite pleasing to see her shine in TNA.

If done right, 2010 can be a completely up-and-up year, which could easily see championship gold around her waist.


Madison Rayne

Madison first debuted as a face and remained so for a better part of a month.

It wasn't until the end of February in which she turned heel and became the third member of one of the best heel groups in the business today, The Beautiful People.

She remained part of the group, having an up-and-down year, until August, when she was kicked out for costing Angelina Love her Knockouts title.

She quickly became a fan favorite while being the target of TBP's wrath.

Just a few weeks later she returned to the group and in October won her first match in a Knockout elimination match.

Though she's no Angelina Love, Rayne has had a pretty solid year as a heel, and 2010, with more matches under her belt and more work alongside Velvet Sky, can be a good year for her.



ODB is TNA's Jillian: someone with a funny gimmick that stands out, but is always put to the backburner when it comes to matches and chances to be champion.

2009 finally gave her a chance to break out.

The beginning of the year saw ODB win at Genesis in order to get a shot at then-champion Awesome Kong. She feuded with Kongtourage while waiting for her chance where she was unsuccessful.

Her gimmick got a manager in Cody Deaner, who won a lucky night with her, and she won the Queen of the Cage match at Lockdown.

In August she and Deaner were successful in defeating The Beautiful People in a match where Love's title was on the line.

She and Deaner argued over who was champion, and by No Surrender ODB ended her time with Deaner by defeating him and becoming the champion.

She has successfully defended her title against Kong and Tara, including both at the same time.

In recent weeks, she has turned heel for the first time in two years by attacking Tara. At Final Resolution, ODB lost the title to Tara.

2010 will see ODB enter the year as a heel, and it will be interesting to see if she will go the whole year as a heel and how far she will take it.



Although Sarita only truly debuted in July, she has made her presence known in a very unique way.

Her debut match saw her put on a great match with Alissa Flash. By August she teamed up with Taylor Wilde to become a tag team and began competing in qualifying matches in order to be determined the first ever Knockout Tag Team Champions.

In September, Sarita and Taylor Wilde won a four team match at No Surrender and became the very first Knockout Tag Team Champions.

Sarita, with her great look and lucha style wrestling skills, has made a great name for herself in her short time in TNA.

She and Taylor Wilder will no doubt have some great competition for those titles, and 2010 can also be a year for Sarita to establish herself as a singles competition Knockout and a serious contender for the title.



Formerly known as WWE's Victoria, its' long-suffering and truly ignored great Diva, the beginning of the year saw her retiring and leaving the WWE.

By the end of May, Victoria debuted as TNA's Tara and quickly made herself stand out by attacking The Beautiful People.

She continued her feud with them throughout the summer.

In July Tara won her first TNA Knockout Championship title by defeating Angelina Love on TNA IMPACT, becoming the second woman to have been both WWE Women's Champion and Knockouts Champion.

However, in controversial fashion, she lost the title back to Love just two weeks later.

She and Christy Hemme were unsuccessful in their tag team attempt to become the first Knockout Tag Team Champions thanks to Madison Rayne.

By mid-fall she was back to attempting to win the Knockout title for a second time. She was unsuccessful in her first two attempts.

By the end of November, Tara once again became the No. 1 Contender after winning a ten Knockout battle royal.

At Final Resolution, she defeated ODB to become Knockout champion for the second time.

Tara has had a legitimately good year in her debut for TNA. They seem to be treating her much better than her former company has in recent years.

She will most likely be entering 2010 as champion, and with ODB and Awesome Kong as serious contenders, along with a rising Alissa Flash and TBP to fend with.

Tara's reign will not only hopefully be longer than her first, but much more eventful.


Taylor Wilde

The early part of 2009 saw the former Knockouts Champion involved in a feud with TBP.

She helped humiliate TBP by covering them in muck and defeating them in tag team matches.

By springtime, Wilde became involved in a very physical and brutal feud with a re-debuting Daffney. This culminated in two Monsters Ball matches, which Taylor both won, as well as a 10,000 Thumbtacks match.

In August she formed a tag team with Sarita in hopes of becoming the first Knockout Tag Team Champions, which they were successful in becoming. This made Taylor the first Knockout to have been Knockouts Champion and Tag Team Champion.

She and Sarita have remained champions while fending off challenges from TBP on multiple occasions.

Entering 2010 as a team champion it will be interesting to see if Taylor, like her tag team partner, will re-enter singles competition and become champion again.


Velvet Sky

Seemingly always the follower, Sky continued this in 2009.

She was in Angelina Love's corner for every match in which Love became a legitimate contender for the Knockouts title.

She sprayed hairspray in Tara's eyes at Slammiversary, helping Love defeat her. She was pinned by Cody Deaner at Hard Justice, causing Love to lose the championship.

She and Angelina went back to being a duo right after they kicked Madison Rayne out of their group. TBP entered into the Knockout Tag Team Tournament and allowed Madison back into their group after she helped them reach the finals.

Unfortunately, Angelina Love was released from TNA after work visa issues, and Sky and Rayne were unable to win the tag titles.

TBP have since added another new member in Lacey Von Erich.

2010 will be a very interesting and crucial year for Velvet Sky without Angelina Love, who was seemingly the better half mic wise and wrestling wise of The Beautiful People.

If Sky can really step up her game in both aspects, then 2010 can be a very good year for the Love-less TBP with Sky as the leader.

Angelina Love has obviously been omitted, although she had a great year, and was a crucial member of the TNA Knockouts. Hopefully the work visa issues can be solved and she can return.

TNA definitely made their Knockouts stand out this year, especially with the addition of foreign talent like Sarita and Hamada.

The creation of the Knockout Tag Team titles have made random tag team matches seemingly significant, and instead creates stories in which the Knockouts will really think about who their tag team partner is, for it can lead to being No. 1 contenders.

2010 can be another solid year for the Knockouts and continue to help put them over the WWE Divas in terms of use, talent, and importance.


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