Super Bowl XLII: Top 5 Of All Time

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Super Bowl XLII: Top 5 Of All Time
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In my opinion, Super Bowl XLII is one of the NFL's best ever.

I say this not ONLY as a Giants fan, but as a football fan. I'm from NY, but I live in Maine. Needless to say, I am Public Enemy No.1 in my neighborhood. I am a "flatlander" and a Yankee fan. I also love the Giants, Jets, Knicks and Syracuse.

Weeks before, I watched all the local stores selling knock-off New England Patriots Super Bowl XLII Champions gear. T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, cups, everything!

I ransacked every Olympia Sports store in a 60 mile radius searching for a T shirt, a pennant, a sweatshirt, a freakin' foam finger. Anything to show my allegiance with the "Road Warriors." I was damned to find nothing, not even a bumper sticker.

I listened to the Patriot faithful ridicule and underestimate MY Giants. They screamed it would never happen. The New England Patriots were going to be "perfect." I watched as the football world all but handed Brady the trophy.

Then I was redeemed at Super Bowl XLII in front of all the New Englanders who dared taunt MY team. I watched in awe as my team introduced Brady to more turf than he had seen all year.

I watched the mighty D-line bounce off "Earth" like Tecmo Bowl. And as they were burned by "Fire."

I got chills as I watched "The Great Escape" and the one handed "Miracle."

I watched Plax kneel and seal the deal just when it SEEMED that New England had once again made the last drive to win the Super Bowl.

Even after the defeat at the end of the season, the one where they set all those records on us, we didn't die.

What it boils down to is this — they had the chance at perfection and couldn't deliver because WE wouldn't allow them to deliver. Not the players, not the fans...

I alone ran outside in the Red Sock infested, Patriots contaminated, icy cold night of New England and bellowed defiance to the exposed Patriot fans. I screamed victory chants. I relished in the moral victory when New England's scandalous game plan tactics were no longer available and they folded as the FRAUDS they are!

We didn't need "Tuck Rules", or video footage, or an undefeated season. We had what we needed.

We had heart, determination, and "perfect" confidence.

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