College Football Playoffs: A Nightmare Scenario

aaron keyCorrespondent IDecember 21, 2009

27 Oct 2001: Wide receiver Antwone Savage #6 of the Oklahoma Sooners  and cornerback Keyuo Craver #3 of the Nebraska Cornhuskers go airborne in an attempt to catch the football during the Big-12 game at Memorial Stadium in Lincoln, Nebraska. The Cornhuskers defeated the Sooners 20-10.Mandatory Credit: Scott Halleran/ Allsport
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It's a well known fact that the BCS is a broken, flawed system. The only real way to decide a champion is through a playoff.

The one playoff structure that seems to be getting a lot of play is the 16 team format. The idea is to take all 11 conference champions, and then take the remaining five highest ranked teams as at large bids.

Everyone who supports this format will be quick to tell you of the enormous t.v. ratings and the unending piles of cash to line everyone's pocket. Not only will it make every conference and team rich beyond all imagining, it will finally be a fair way to name a true national champion.

Until this happens.

Let's say that the playoff system has worked out well for a few years, with Boise State, TCU, and Utah all winning national titles just like we hoped and knew they would.

The Oklahoma Sooners start the season ranked in the top five following a close loss the the Utes in the following years championship game. To play the role of our other nightmare team we have the Nebraska Cornhuskers, who return a team filled with upperclassmen, that just missed an at large bid the year before.

The Sooners run roughshod through their early schedule, before meeting unbeaten Nebraska that has just rotated back on their schedule.

Dubbed as the game of the century: part 2, the Cornhuskers win a close one on a late kick return.

Oklahoma rebounds from the loss, and wins the division with only the one loss. Nebraska on the other hand stays unbeaten to ensure the rematch in the Big 12 Championship.

Oklahoma now gets sweet revenge winning a squeaker 20-19. Oklahoma wins the auto bid as Big 12 Champion. Nebraska on the other hand, benifits from late losses from some high ranking teams, and the fact that most of the high ranking teams got auto bids, sneaks into the playoffs with an at large bid.

The playoff organizers pick the lesser of the two evils and place the two teams in seperate brackets to avoid a possible third matchup between the two teams.

Now the unthinkable happens as Nebraska, and Oklahoma win their respective brackets and will meet, that's right, for the third time in one season.

Before you say it can't happen, well it is a pretty big longshot, but there was also supposed to no way an undefeated team from a major conference got left out of the BCS. Oh, and we'd never have a two loss team win a title either.

You know, as soon as we say it could never happen, it would. Some higher power likes to prove us wrong.

If it did happen, it would no doubt be the lowest t.v. rating for a national championship ever. As we have in times past balked at reamatches for championships, and puked when they do,(sorry Gators, and Noles) can you imagine trying to watch two teams play a third time?

So just remember that with all your gushing dreams about how great the playoffs will be, there's a nightmare just waiting to happen.