Merry Christmas: A Gift for Every NBA Team

Joe GerrityCorrespondent IDecember 21, 2009

After a few months of the NBA season, it's clear that nobody is perfect. Here's what each and every team should be asking for from Santa Clause on Christmas Eve.


Atlanta Hawks : A re-do of the 2005 draft would make their squad the most feared team in the league.

Boston Celtics: The gift of health would assure them at least one more chance at a title.

Charlotte Bobcats: For the Bobcats, a new owner is the only present anyone really wants.

Chicago Bulls: The Bulls get two since it's been a sad decade for them. First off Derek Rose needs to show improvement from his rookie year. Secondly they get a brand spanking new coach.

Cleveland Cavaliers: Lebron's name on a contract extension. STAT.

Dallas Mavericks: One additional center. Marcin Gortat to be more specific.

Denver Nuggets: Their Mojo from last year.

Detroit Pistons: A time machine to go back to last summer and undo their signings. Don't get me wrong, they are a decent team, it's just that they will never compete as built.

Golden State Warriors:   A complete and utter overhaul of ownership and management.

Houston Rockets: A suddenly healthy and improved Tracy McGrady to bump them from playoff team to sleeper contenders.

Indiana Pacers: A speedy recovery by Danny Granger to get them right back in the playoff chase.

LA Clippers: Blake Griffin. Blake Griffin. Blake Griffin.

LA Lakers: Unless Memphis decides to trade them the other Gasol for two hot dogs and a beer, the Lake show should be pretty thankful for what they have.

Memphis Grizzlies: Continued improvement from the youth. It could see them hovering around .500 by seasons end.

Miami Heat: C'mon Dwayne. We all know you are going to sign it eventually. Just do it for Christmas.

Milwaukee Bucks: Brandon Jennings to return to the form he was in early on. They need it for this team to be a sleeper in the east.

Minnesota Timberwolves: Improvement by all the youngsters while still losing enough games to get a great draft pick.

New Jersey Nets: New arena, new owner, lots of new players, and if all else fails, some cyanide.

New Orleans Hornets: An All-Star shooting guard to fall into their laps.

New York Knicks: Wins. Each one helps build a better case for them as a destination for a superstar.

Oklahoma City Thunder: A pair of NBA caliber starting big men for Durant to play with.

Orlando Magic: An extra quarter every game so all their talented players can get enough minutes to keep them happy.

Philadelphia Sixers: A healthy, young AI.

Phoenix Suns: A coupon good for one free curse/jinx, redeemable for use during one playoff series on any team from Texas or California.

Portland Trail Blazers: Some HGH for Greg Oden

Sacramento Kings: Steady improvement by Evans and a successful return by Kevin Martin. Did someone say playoffs?

San Antonio Spurs: A copy of their roster ought to do. These guys are way better than their record shows.

Toronto Raptors: Some chemistry would be nice. How can this team not be winning in the lowly east?

Utah Jazz: A trade that brings in young talent for Carlos Boozer, while reducing salary.

Washington Wizards: A complete fire sale. it's beyond clear that this collection of players doesn't have what it takes. No minor retooling will change that.

David Stern: A muzzle for all former referees.