The Most Avoided Fighter Isn't Paul Williams, It's Nonito Donaire

Oliver SuarezContributor IIDecember 20, 2009

Paul Williams has been coined “The Most Avoided Fighter” and for good reason. He’s had to fight in multiple divisions since none of the top fighters in the welterweight division were willing to fight him.

Still, he’s been able to step into the ring with respectable and recognizable fighters such as Carlos Quintana, Antonio Margarito, and Vernon Philips.

Nonito’s list of recent victims on the other hand includes the following names: Luis Maldonado, Raul Martinez, and Rafael Concepcion. They are solid and respectable fighters, but none of them were considered elite fighters.

Nonito Donaire seemed to be destined for stardom after destroying Darchinyan, considering the rising numbers boxing fans within the Filipino community.

Unfortunately, he’s been avoided like the plague consistently by the top fighters in his division.

Darchinyan’s team never seriously tried to get a rematch with Donaire, and instead the "Raging Bull" moved up to the Super Flyweight Division.

He’s called out fighters such Daisuke Naito and Takefumi Sakata, but neither showed any inkling on sharing the ring with Donaire. Forget the excuses about Japan’s unwillingness to recognize IBF, WBO, and IBO as legitimate world titles. The truth is none of them ever wanted to fight Nonito.

Did Naito really have to fight Pongsaklek Wonjongkam four times?

There was talk about a Nonito Donaire vs. Fernando Montiel a few months ago, but it fell apart when Fernando decided to move up to bantamweight for the reason that he can no longer make the weight for the super flyweight division.

Fernando is a great fighter and I don’t think he’s avoided Donaire, but it seems that whenever a fight with Nonito is within reach; his opponents suddenly have the inkling to move out of the division or find other excuses to not fight Donaire.

Paul Williams was forced to fight in multiple divisions to get notable fights. Nonito forces fighters out of the division.

Nonito has moved up to the Super Flyweight division, but still has not found success in luring any of the top fighters to meet him in the ring.

Darchinyan has been vocal recently about facing Donaire again. But that’s because he needs Donaire again to gain credibility, as he was exposed by Agbeko. Same as it was for Rafael Concepcion when he lost to Jorge Arce.

Have you ever wondered why fighters in the lower weight division often call each other out, but Nonito’s name is almost never involved?

There are good reasons why. He’s a solid technical fighter with speed and great power. He’s also probably one of the most complete fighters pound for pound.

Top Rank has been hesitant to put Donaire on a Pacquiao undercard because of economic reasons. It’s more profitable for Top Rank to keep putting Donaire as the main feature for boxing events such as "Pinoy Power."

But the incentives that Donaire will attain from being in the Pacquiao vs. Mayweather Jr. undercard is well worth it. It will introduce Donaire to the casual boxing fans and the lure of being in what might be the "Fight of the Decade" will probably be too much for the top fighters in his division to turn down.

Donaire has a fight coming up against Gerson Guerrero in February of next year, but that fight can easily be put off for a better opportunity. It’s often done in boxing.

Donaire is the top candidate to take the mantle from Pacquiao as the best Filipino boxer. There is no better time and place for Donaire to have his signature fight and display his package of skills than the Pacquiao vs. Mayweather blockbuster bout.


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