FAT FREE FRIDAY: Florida Gators Fitness Formula

Ronnie C Wright@@ronniecwrightContributor IDecember 21, 2009

    This is a formula invented by me - Ronnie C. Wright.I'm a writer. My job is to create an exciting world with words for {YOU}Your Own Uniqueness and Your Own Understanding.

     Most days you jump out of bed, eat a fatty breakfast and hop onto the fast lane without even taking a moment to smell the coffee or the roses. Well, I recognized this and spent most of my days at the University of Florida seeking to invent something special for the Gator Nation - like "Gatorade," for example. I'm the type of writer who labors to build lasting value in the world with words. So- create a moment for yourself, today; and let me present Fat Free Friday, a formula for fitness.
    Fat Free Friday  began as a sports performance formula for athletes that grew into a seminar attended primarily by students at the University of Florida who came together to discuss sports and fitness. At these events, I shared lessons I learned from observing Gators such as Urban Meyer, Tim Tebow, Joakim Noah and many others.
     Kyle a member of the Gator Student Section said, "I want a body like Tim Tebow - how? I replied, "You can sit on the bench, stand on the sidelines or get into the game...it's your choice. And, employ the Fat Free Friday Formula:
1. {WORK}Work At Knowledge Everyday...
2. {RISE}Revive Inner Spirit Everyday...
3. {ACT}Actively Choose Today...
4. {BE}Build Esteem...
5. {CARE}Create A Rewarding Environment...
6. {DARE}Develop A Reason Everyday...
7. {EARN}Establish A Return Now.
     "Gator Greats" like Tebow and Noah embrace change and the 7 Keys To Win:
1. Knowledge Emancipates You {FREE}
2. Knowledge Elevates You {Rise}
3. Knowledge Educates You {Train}
4. Knowledge Empowers You {Authorize}
5. Knowledge Encourages You {Inspire}
6. Knowledge Employs You {Engage}
7. Knowledge Enriches You {Reward}
     They have learned how to {FISH}Form Inner Success Habits and produce a {GAIN}Generating Active Inner Nourishment to lift their game and, you can do the same thing to achieve measurable results. Think of these "Keys" as an "ATM" which in this case stands for "Automatic Team Mate."
     An 'Automatic Team Mate' keeps everyone focused on {NOW}Nature's Open Window, in essence - an opportunity to {SHINE}Sow Habits Improving Nature Everyday...An 'Automatic Team Mate' can also serve as a {MAP}Master Action Plan. You cannot truly change until you a truly free to have {FUN}Face Uncertainty Now. It begins with {ACTION}Actively Choose To Improve Options Now. Remember the "3 W's".
1. {WAKE}Wisely Address Knowledge Everyday...
2. {WASH}Wisely Activate Success Habits...
3. {WORK}Wisely Offer Real Knowledge.
     The next time you watch the Gators or any team play -{TRACK}Timely Record Actions Creating Knowledge and {FOCUS}Form Optimum Concentration Unleashing Success...just like the players. It's simple! You begin with a {DIET}Develop Inner Excellence Today that increases your value and your personal success.
     Have you noticed that when the Gators face uncertainty, they turn on the "power." Where do think that power comes from? The {POWER} play!:
{P}lants > Fruits & vegetables such as tomatoes, watermelons, apples, beets, cabbages, peppers, onions, strawberries, etc.
{O}xygen > Breathe, enough said.
{W}ater > Water can dissolve other substances and, it enhances the mind, body and spirit.
{E}xercise > Elevate the heart rate daily.
{R}est > Remember Essential Sleep Today to help you gain inner peace, ease and refreshment. It's the "Gator Edge."
> {F}ood = {F}it
 >{I}nformation = {I}ntelligence 
> {N}utrition = {N}atural
> {E}xercise = {E}nergy
     So, you want to be Gator Great? {LEARN}Listen Effectively And Reason Now...the Fat Free Friday Formula is designed to help you become a {STAR}:
> Someone That Accepts Responsibility...
> Someone That Actively Reads...
> Someone That Acts Responsibly
> Someone That Achieves Results...
Now - Go out there and growl!