Sports Bloggers, Please Shut Up about Tiger Woods

candice rohrmanContributor IJune 20, 2008

Winning the U.S. Open is no small feat. Unless you're Tiger Woods that is. 

Woods won the 2008 Open and later disclosed that he had been playing with a torn ACL and a double stress fracture in his tibia, ending his season. 

Now I know this is an incredible act of athleticism, if you consider golf to be a sport. But throughout the years, it's been shown that many golfers don't exactly have the same type of athletic ability as, say, football players do.

The Happy Gilmore "goofy pants and a fat a--" golfer joke had to come from somewhere. Or for those who may have missed the movie, just take a look at John Daly. 

Simply put: Shut up about Tiger Woods. 

Maybe it's the lack of sporting news, or everyone is already sick of seeing the "Boston Three Party" cry about finally winning after a 22-year drought. I hate to break it to Celtics fans, but waiting 22 years sounds pretty dang good to a Cubs fan.

Since there is apparently nothing better to talk about, this Tiger story has been blown out of proportion. 

While everyone is wow-ing over Tiger's ability to beat the field one-legged, it seems that the effects of the injury have been ignored. ACL surgery has a long recovery time and even though it is no longer the career-ending procedure it once was, there is the possibility Tiger won't come back the Tiger he was before. 

If he can't listen to a doctor, which reportedly happened prior to the Open, it doesn't seem a comeback will come easily for Tiger. Stress fractures require rest and more rest to heal correctly. Tiger's recovery will not be easy for someone with his competitiveness. 

With that said, Tiger's win is severely overrated. It's golf, and yes, Tiger had to walk plenty. Walking being the important word. Tiger didn't have to sprint away from a 300-pound NFL defensive end. Playing a golf tournament does not require the same lateral movement that playing football or any other contact sport does.

I don't remember the media proclaiming Philip Rivers the new God of sports when he played against the Patriots in the 2007 Playoffs with a severely mangled knee. 

In the end, no matter how great Tiger is or how many things he does one-legged, golf is still the pastime of overweight or comatose 70-year-old nursing home residents. 

And if you haven't read this already, check out DJ Gallo's article on ESPN's Page 2 about becoming a bandwagon fan, specifically a Cubs bandwagon fan. And I thought I was done explaining who Alfonso Soriano is to people dressed in Cubbies gear at Wrigley...