NCAA Basketball From the Seat of My Couch

Mark SaltzContributor IDecember 20, 2009

A majority of the East Coast was hit by a massive snow storm this past weekend.  In some places like Virginia it crippled travel. 

I was supposed to fly back to see my family on Saturday morning.  And again today.  But found my best chance is Tuesday.

With the roads almost undriveable, not by me but other warm weather motorists, I decided to sit in and take in a full day of college hoops action.  The interaction with other spectators was lost, but was nicer than dealing with messy road conditions.


Michigan @ Kansas

Can someone please step up and give "Fresh" Manny Harris some help?  The Big Ten schedule begins soon and The University of Michigan would like to make it to the post season in something.

John Wall gets a lot of attention.  Deservedly so.  But Xavier Henry isn't half bad either.

The NCAA would make a big mistake by not making a KU/Kentucky National Championship game possible.  If the draw has them facing each other in the National Semi-final then someone has some 'splainin' to do.


Loyola (MD) vs Howard

I am a big fan of creative nicknames. 

Why does every team have to be the Eagles, Tigers, Bears, or Lions?  Is imagination so bad? 

I think its great that we have nicknames like Greyhounds (Loyola), Bison (Howard), Flying Squirrels (Richmond minor league baseball team).  Maybe that makes me crazy.  So be it.


North Carolina @ Texas

This was the first basketball game played in the stadium Jerry Jones' money built.  The massive scoreboard screen hanging above is longer than the court.  The game is bigger and easier to see from the cheap seats.  God Bless America.

Texas and Kansas will most likely collide twice this season.  Once in Austin.  And then again probably in the Big 12 Tournament unless one pulls a UNC and gets a eliminated in order to rest for the Big Dance. 

The NCAA would be wise setting them up for a National Semi-final match-up.  

However if the first two showdowns are Instant Classics then I'd be happy watching with them facing off in the title game.


Duke v. Gonzaga @ Madison Square Garden

Duke visits their second, and much larger, home stadium.  They rebound the Zags out of the gym.  And Jon Scheyer looks more and more like the first team All-American that everyone thinks Kyle Singler is.


Nap time

8 pm

NCAA Division I Women's Volleyball National Championship

Penn State v. Texas

For those thinking this is supposed to be about basketball.  It's my article.  It's about whatever I want.

I digress.

Are the Longhorn fans having a dream year or what?  The football team will play for a National Title on January 7.  The men's basketball team is ranked second in the nation and stacked like a brickhouse. 

And the women's volleyball team gets an opportunity to dethrone the two time defending National Champions.  The ladies from Austin jump out early winning the first two sets of the match. 

During the course of the match there are a few interesting non-volleyball things worth mentioning.

First, is Destinee Hooker of the Texas team.  Not because she is a phenomenal athlete. 

She is. 

But the point is her name.  If my last name were Hooker I would not name my daughter Destinee.  That is kind of like giving up.  I would go with something like MyDaughterAin'tNo. 

Second is a comment made by analyst Karch Kiraly.  Now that is a great name. 

Say it once and try to tell me it isn't.

Anyway, he was mentioning the struggles the Nittany Lions were having.  He began to say Penn State wasn't playing 100 percent.  And then began to ramble about how when a great team gets less then their best and can only get 60 percent of the best they need to make the most it.

Was he trying to channel Brian Fantana.

"60 percent of the time, it works everytime."

Fantana was talking about Sex Panther, and Kiraly was referencing the Nittany Lions.



Well, the ladies from Happy Valley must have been paying attention and won the final three sets.  This makes the the three time defending National Champions and winners of 102 straight matches. 



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