Open Mic: If The U.S. Top Athletes Grew Up Playing Soccer

Brian SmithCorrespondent IJune 20, 2008

How successful of a soccer team do you think the United States would have if you had a team made up with players such as: Kobe Bryant, Dwayne Wade, Tom Brady, LaDainian Tomlinson, Alex Rodriguez, Marvin Harrison, LeBron James and Adrian Peterson… just to name a few?

I say they would have a pretty good team, if they all grew up playing soccer.

So, lets pretend they did and see who I'd have out there on the pitch.


Someone tall and agile.

I'd put LeBron James in that position, because I don't think anything would sneak in over his head and he has one heck of a wingspan and could easily cover the length of the goal.


Kobe and Wade in back to utilize their height near the goal and on free kicks.

Kobe known for scoring can also play some “D,” and Wade has been known to get his fair share of steals.

That pair would definitely form a formidable wall.


A Rod and Tom Brady in the midfield positions.

Brady would be there, not only for his leadership ability, but he's a pretty decent passer as well.

Let's face it, like him or hate him, he gets things done.

Rodriguez would be where he is at, because of his power and he would be great at feeding the ball to his forward teammates.


There would be Peterson, Tomlinson and Harrison pressing other teams with their ability to score.

You have Harrison's skill at getting open, LT's ability to find the hole and Peterson who can leave everyone in the dust.

With these thee up front, I just can't see how this team would ever be shut out.

Yes, I know this doesn't consist of a full team, but, with a nucleus of these guys, you would have a very strong team.

Since we are playing make believe, where would this team rank?

I think, much like the Olympic basketball dream teams, it would have to be near the top if not the top ranked team.

All of these players excel at their game and bring something “extra” come time to play.

Could you imagine a United States soccer team ranked at the top or at No. 1?

This could be a dynasty that would more than likely surpass the Yankees in number of championships won.

Imagine your kids growing up and wanting to be like the cat like goalkeeper LeBron James or that high scoring forward named LT.

The U.S. has such a large pool of athletic talent; it could dominate the world of soccer for decades, baring any disastrous injuries or lopsided trades.

One thing is for sure, there would be no 'Nil' scores for this USA team.

Who would you put on your team and where would they rank?