Marius "Whitemare" Zaromski Hungry for the Welterweight Belt

Alex WassermanContributor IDecember 19, 2009

Nick Diaz is going to be in a world of hurt when he meets Marius Zaromski in the ring for the StrikeForce welterweight belt. The Whitemare, as he's called, has become one of the most feared strikers since his perfect performances in the Dream Grand Prix. He's action at its most intense, and brings an exciting fight every single time. He does crazy stuff like back flips and hurricane kicks during fights.

Marius was born in Lithuania, and while some say he's a top prospect, he actually has been fighting for nine years and compiled a record of 13-3 with 10 knockouts. One of his losses has been because of N/A, whatever that means. He has experience with the best and has beaten top fighters like Jason High and Hayato "Mach" Sakurai, former top five lightweight. He loves finishing fights with his trademark move: the head kick. He has used it three times in a row devastatingly and plans on expanding his reign of destruction.

His next fight will be no roll over, though, since it's Diaz, who loves to keep it standing while also being a BJJ black belt. Nick Diaz is on a five-fight win streak and has looked nearly impossible to beat. He most recently made Scott Smith look like a beginner with superior boxing. Marius has never faced someone like Diaz and at times looks helpless on the ground. Even though he has good sprawls and stand ups from the bottom position, Nick will be sure to capitalize on any mistake he does on the ground. Nick will have to make sure he keeps his boxing crisp and hands up because Marius' deadly head kick will just be itching to connect.

A good game plan for Marius is to keep it standing and chop down on Nick's legs. He should practice his sprawls and only throw the head kick when he knows it will connect. He should try to get inside because of Diaz's reach and keep his composure when peppered by the millions of punches. If he uses this strategy and can do what he wants, Zaromski will come home with a victory.

Nicks Diaz' game plan should be to test Zaromski's striking and keep a distance. He should throw many punches, but unlike the Scott Smith fight, try to finish it. If he gets overwhelmed, then he should try a takedown when Marius least expects it and set it up with punches, a la Georges St. Pierre vs. BJ Penn. If Marius gets him on the ground, he should smother him and work for a submission, but always watch out for Marius' escapes. With this game plan, Nick Diaz should take home an easy win.

This fight is all about who can impose their game plan, and I think that the Whitemare will show that he is superior in striking and shrug off Diaz's takedowns with some judo. Nick has always struggled against top competition, so I am predicting a battle that ends by head kick in the third round by Marius.

War Zaromski, watch his terrifying highlights.