Stress Relief: Tiger Woods Makes Fitting Return to Golf

Joe GerrityCorrespondent IDecember 19, 2009

After what has certainly been the most stressful month of his life, Tiger Woods has returned to golf for the same reason that so many of us mere mortals play; to relieve stress.

It's being reported that Tiger has been passing the time by hitting golf balls alone at night. The return to golf, although not the tour, is a step in the right direction for Woods.

Before he was a superstar billionaire, he was just Tiger Woods the golfer, satisfied more with making birdies than money.

For him, playing golf was about the love of the greatest game on earth. The joy on young Tiger's face as he walked down the fairway, more telling about his love for the game than any words can describe, can still be found inside middle age Tiger, hitting balls in the dead of night like countless times before.

Despite Tiger's billionaire lifestyle and three hundred fifty yard drives, he's really not that different from you or I.

It's his passion for the greatest game on earth is something that has separated him from others time and time again on the course so it's no surprise that he has turned to golf yet again to distract him from the realities of his personal life.

His love for golf has afforded the sport endless opportunities for growth. Without Tiger, golf wouldn't be as big as it is today. Golf will now return the favor by being there for Tiger when nobody else is.

The range doesn't take pictures and ask questions.

The hole doesn't care that you've been in 13 already during the day.

And if you need to let out a little steam, just take out the big dog and let one rip.

When work gets us down and life craps on us whatever reason, we have always been able to escape to the golf course for a few hours of peace and serenity. For millions and millions of golfers worldwide, salvation is 18 holes in cold, rainy weather.

It's good to know that Tiger still loves golf as much as we do, and not just because it makes him rich and famous.