NHL: The Adventures of Ron & Don: The Search for a New Hockey Theme Song: Part 2

Adam WrightSenior Analyst IJune 20, 2008

 Previously on "The Adventures of Ron & Don: The Search for a New Hockey Theme Song".


Part 2 – Day 2

After yesterday’s failure at the auditions, the search for a new theme song for Hockey Night In Canada in not going very well. But always thinking, Don Cherry came up with an even better idea.

Don’s idea was asking the fans what they thought of the situation. They would go in the streets of Toronto and talk to these people.

Ron: Don isn’t this what’s the online contest is for?

Don: Why must you always question me? You know me; I’m a people’s person! We don’t need no big machines to interact with our fans. We’re here in the streets of Toronto, these people are smart cookies I tell ya. They’ll find a song.

Ron: And why did your suit have to be brighter than the sun?

Don: It’s STYLE! Something you lack of.

As Ron and Don walk the streets, Don approaches a young man.

Don: Excuse me.

Fan #1: Hey, Ron McLean and Don Cherry, nice to meet you.

Don: Nice to meet you too kid. Listen, as you may of heard, CBC is in search of a new theme song. You have any ideas.

Fan #1: Well.... I really like the old one.

Ron: We all did.


Ron: Calm down Don.


Fan #1: I thought it was CBC that didn’t want to pay for the song.

Don pauses

Fan #1: I guess their entire budget goes on your suits, hey Don hahaha.

The young man was kidding, but Don was not pleased.

Ron: You should go kid, thanks for your help.

The young man runs off.

Don: Can you believe kids today! Got no respect for their elders!

Ron: Alright, let’s try someone else, Excuse me....

Ron approaches a mother pushing a baby carriage.

Ron: Mam’ can I have a minute of your time.

Mother: Sure, anything for you guys.

Ron: You have any ideas for a new theme song for Hockey Night in Canada?

Mother: Hmmmm. It’s a tough one. You know I’m a huge Elvis Presley fan!

Don: The King of Rock and Roll! Great taste Mam’

Mother: I always like the song “A Little Less Conversation” by Elvis Presley. I think it goes something like this...

A little less conversation, a little more action please

All this aggravation aint satisfactioning me

A little more bite and a little less bark

A little less fight and a little more spark

Close your mouth and open up your heart and baby satisfy me

Satisfy me baby

Ron: Very good!

Don (whispers to Ron): She’s got SPUNK!

Ron: What’s spunk?

Don: No idea... I heard some kid say it....

Ron: Thanks you Mam’, we’ll keep your idea in consideration.

The mother is about to leave, but she approaches Don and whispers to him

Mother (whispers): I’m Very SPUNKY!

She leaves as Don grins.

Ron: What she say?

Don: Never mind what she said, let’s get back to work.

Ron and Don continue to walk, but Don thinks he recognizes someone approaching them.

Don: Isn’t that...

Ron: Chad Kroeger from Nickelback?

The man walks up to them.

Man: Hey what’s up guys. Sorry I missed the auditions yesterday. You know, it’s really TOUGH getting around without being able to drive.

Don: Yeah... I heard about that.

Chad Kroeger: Yeah, I definitely learned my lesson. Actually, Kiefer Sutherland and I have been helping each other out.

Ron: Doing what, calling a taxi?

Ron laughs, Don and Chad Kroeger just stares at him.

Chad Kroeger: Anyways, I hear you guys need help with a song!

Don: Yes we do. Even better if it came from a good ol’ Canadian boy as yourself!

Chad Kroeger: You know our song “Rockstar” right?

Ron: Yes, very popular, but I’m not sure it’s right...

Chad Kroeger: Way ahead of you! I did a re-write of that song, just for you guys.

Kroeger pulls out a guitar from his back. He plays the tune of “Rockstar”

Chad Kroeger:

Cause we all just wanna be hockey star

Signin big ass contracts

Drivin expensive cars


 The Fame comes easy

But the media are creeps

Say just one wrong word

Then you’re called a freak

And we’ll get to date all the hottest stars

Media taking pictures of us at the bars

Then we’ll go on Vacation

Get some privacy

Everyone at home

Will be jealous of me

And well...

Hey hey I wanna be a hockey star

Hey hey I wanna be a hockey star

Ron and Don applaud.

Don: Thank you Chad, I’ll keep you in my and we’ll call you.

Chad Kroeger shakes their hands and leaves.

Don: You know, I think we did some progress.

Ron: I think...

Ron is interrupted by his cell phone.

Don: They gave you a cell?

Ron reads the text message.

Ron: Looks like the search is not over, CBC wants us to head to Ballinafad, Ontario right away.

Don smiles as they started heading to their car.

How will "The Adventures of Ron & Don: The Search for a New Hockey Theme Song" conclude? Will they find a theme song for CBC? And who’s in Ballinafad, Ontario? Tune in next time for the conclusion of this epic story.