My Husker Football Christmas List

Thomas McGrathContributor IDecember 19, 2009

It's Christmas time and I'm making a list and checking it twice (oh I guess that's not really my role). I've been a very good Husker fan all year, and these are the presents I'm asking for.


1. A Starting QB

This is the present of the year; the Red Ryder BB gun of my football wish list.  Will my parents get it for me, or will they get a cheap imitation? Will Cody Green finally step up to win the job? Will Husker fans be stuck with another year of Zac Lee? Lee has already been named the starter for the Holliday Bowl, but hopefully that isn't an indicator of who the starter is come next fall.


2. Winning the Holliday Bowl

This is the secondary gift. The one you know your parents should get you, but nothing is ever 100 percent. It's a standard gift that any kid would want to get. Who doesn't want to win their bowl game? Well, for Nebraska it could be the difference between a top-15 ranking heading into next year and a top-25 one. 

Preseason rankings mean nothing come December, but they do impact recruiting and national relevance heading into the season. A win against Arizona is paramount to feeling good about the direction of the program heading into next year. Plus, double-digit wins for the first time since 2003 would be a great gift.


3. Ndamukong Suh: The No. 1 Overall Pick in the 2010 NFL Draft

This is money. It requires very little thought, it is impersonal, and it may not make you immediately happy, but at the end of the day it still matters. I have always thought that looking at players in the NFL was a terrible way to judge a program (give me Tommie Frazier over Tom Brady in the national championship any day). 

That being said, having Suh taken first overall would put Nebraska on the map with football fans that don't follow college extremely closely and don't have a great understanding of the history of the Husker program. Fair or not, these opinions impact recruiting. It's why USC and Miami can recruit even when their college teams aren't good.


4. No Dumb Early Entries in the Draft

This is one of those gifts that you hope you don't have to ask for (a new pair of jeans to replace the ripped ones), but you do anyway just to make sure. There aren't a lot of early-entry candidates on the roster, but losing a player like Helu or Crick (yeah, he's eligible) would be a huge blow heading into next year. Be cool, stay in school.


5. Land Aaron Green

This is the dark-horse present. Maybe you left a hint about it to your parents. It's too risky to ask, because you don't want a lecture about why it won't happen. You know there is almost no chance it happens, but in your dream Christmas morning it is under the tree. 

I try not to get too caught up with recruiting. Ever since Blaine Gabbert decommited I realized that, until signing day, it wasn't worth getting my hopes up about.

That being said, I just couldn't help myself with this kid, Aaron Green. He looks like the next Reggie Bush (and I mean the real one, not that No. 4 kid they are trying to disguise as Bush at USC right now).

Usually we would have no change with a kid like this. The other top schools recruiting him are Texas, USC, and Notre Dame. But we have an inside horse; his brother, Andrew Green, is a freshman cornerback at Nebraska. I don't know if that will ultimately lead him to Nebraska, but finally landing a top prospect would be huge for the Husker program.


I was always told to never ask for more than three things, so I know I've gotten greedy, but after that Texas game I think I deserve it. Feel free to comment below and either tell me I'm dead wrong, or what I should have included on the list.