One TNA Knockout Says Goodbye to The Ring And Another to the Company

Bill LCorrespondent IDecember 19, 2009

TNA is seeing a few changes in their Knockouts division.


As has been reported previously here at Bleacher Report, as well as in other places, Christy Hemme has announced via a podcast that she has retired from active in-ring wrestling.


Christy openly admitted that she found herself nervous during the six-woman tag match on iMPACT on Oct. 29.  During the match, she tensed up before taking a chokeslam from Lacey Von Erich.


Hemme was quoted as saying “I felt it wasn’t right to continue. I couldn’t do this move or that move. I just felt like a (expletive).” 


She didn’t feel it was fair to the other Knockout talents to continue as an in-ring talent and decided to step back from in ring work.


Hemme was not the greatest of in-ring talents, so her ring work won’t be missed.  She always reminded me of being the valet-type more so than a wrestler. 


Along the line of “TNA doing things that don’t make sense”, we saw an odd sequence of events at the end of the six-woman tag team match during last night’s iMPACT.


After the match, Lacey Von Erich approached Lauren Brooks, the backstage commentator and said “why don’t you find a back seat to crawl into you (expletive)…”  Lauren in turn slapped Lacey in the face and walked off.


Apparently that was her exit from television, as today it was reported on that Lauren Brooks is going to be leaving the company.  She posted the following on her Twitter account today:


"Truly going to miss the wrestling fans and my fam @ TNA, but time to focus on my 2 Golf Channel Shows! Keep a lookout!"  


Lauren has been hosting “Top 10” and “Destination Golf” on the Golf Channel since January 2009.


Hemme is slated to fill Lauren’s role as a backstage interviewer.  She conducted a few interviews in last night’s iMPACT show and seemed to hold her own.  That should satisfy any guy’s need to see Christy involved in the wrestling world.