Create More WWE Stars: Re-Create The Attitude Era

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Create More WWE Stars: Re-Create The Attitude Era
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I think I wouldn't be alone in saying that the creative team for the WWE is F*$^ing up lately.

When Sheamus became the WWE champ, I wasn't shocked, but happy. Happy that at least they threw another face in there who wasn't Randy Orton or John Cena.

When the WWE revolves around two people, it loses the fans' interest, at least over a long period of time. I can easily say they wore the HELL out of Randy Orton and John Cena.

I was almost at the point where they could have given Santino Marella the WWE title and I would have been happy. I digress, because that wouldn't be entertaining at the least.

There are some steps, I haven't exactly numbered them, but they are some good points nonetheless.

First, we create more main eventers, Because from the way it sounded, not too many people were happy that Sheamus won the belt.

Like I said before, I wasn't too shocked with it, Because I don't really think there are too many people that could challenge for it and we'd be happy.

Jack Swagger? Dolph Ziggler? They don't really pass me as main eventers, and I believe that I would have been disappointed with the outcome either way.

So in this case, we make about 9 or 10 more main eventers, so that we aren't as shocked and disappointed when a guy like Sheamus wins the title. Who knows, he might be the franchise player the WWE was looking for all along.

To create main eventers, we bring down the current main eventers to face Mid-cards. I think Randy Orton Vs Kofi Kingston was a great idea;

Because that match might have put him over. But what about Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase Jr.? They could be main eventers someday too, they just need to be pushed over the hump.

Second, I also believe there needs to be one flagship show, like the good old days. Raw and Smackdown into one show, Throwing off ECW to TNA or something like that.

If we had only one, The WWE would shine like days of old...Like when names such as The Rock and Stone Cold were in the show. Remember those days? Back then I wouldn't be so shocked if a mid-card Wrestler won the title...once again, I digress.

Since there are many different superstars now, we had to separate the show, or get rid of superstars; to either TNA or some other wrestling name that's not so popular. In all honesty, I think some of the superstars wouldn't hack it anyway, and belong in a lesser show (TNA).

Third and final, combine the belts again, and bring back the Hardcore Title. How do we know who's better, Sheamus or the Undertaker? (The only reason I bring it up, is because they are both; according to their belts, the best that their show has to offer...even though the answer's obvious.)

We don't know, and its not like they're gonna make these guys stand off to see who's the best. Apparently we need only ONE; That's why boxing's ruined today, they have like three heavyweight champions.

And the Hardcore title...YES! This was one of the reasons why I looked forward to watching WWE. I knew someone was gonna get cracked with a chair, and it would be OK.

I thought that's what ECW was there for, but apparently I was wrong. Bring Back The 24/7 rule, day and night defense. That would be awesome, and it shows the little ones our tradition: going back to old school.

When I was little, WWF (Old name) was what I looked forward to watching, every Monday and Thursday. and I grieved when it wasn't on. I want to get back to that stage where I'm just sad when WWE isn't on.

So I'm always looking forward to seeing it every Monday, So me and fans everywhere can go crazy at home when we see a Boom Drop, Or a RKO, Or a Sweet Chin Music (I still go crazy when I see one of those).

I miss the old Days, it was when wrestling was at its best... Let's show the new generation a new version of what the BEST means.

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