Jay and Mark Briscoe's Jump to the WWE Is Pretty Much Set in Stone

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIIDecember 18, 2009

ROH has had a lot of great talent come through it's doors. Names such as CM Punk, A.J. Styles, Samoa Joe, and Christopher Daniels come to mind. However, two consistent names in ROH for some time have been Jay and Mark Briscoe.

These two men are the best Indy tag team in the world in my opinion, and the WWE noticed this as well. With a tag division that is in need of serious help, the WWE wanted to go for the best team available, which is why they went for the Briscoes.

They had a very impressive tryout match about a month ago at an ECW/SmackDown taping in Philadelphia. They had a dark match before the show started, and the WWE said it was one of the better tag team tryout matches they have seen in a while.

This should be no surprise to the Briscoes' fans, who already know how good they are.

The WWE was so impressed that they invited the pair to a week long tryout in Florida. ROH knew about this and was cool with it. The two completed the tryout, and are pretty much waiting for a WWE deal to come their way.

Many within the WWE are saying that they will be offered a WWE deal because of how impressive they have been.

It looks like the WWE will "man up" and offer the deal, so we can expect to see them be offered a developmental deal. This will put them in FCW for a few months, and from there they will hit the main roster if they keep up with the impressive work.

ROH will be losing a lot once they leave, as the Briscoes have helped to boost buys and ratings. Their ROH merchandise flies off the shelves at shows, and ROH has promoted these two very well since they showed some promise.

They have held numerous tag titles, and have the most tag title reigns in ROH history. In my opinion, the WWE would be idiotic to not take these two. A lot of wrestling fans love them and they sell out every arena they go to—and the one thing Vince McMahon loves is money.

The Briscoes are money; it's proven. If the reports are true, that the brothers have done extremely well and have passed the regular wrestling and promo tests to get in, then they will get a WWE deal.

The one thing they will have to do is pass a drug screening. So once that is taken care of, they'll get a deal. They may have already done a pre-contract screening and the WWE is just waiting for the results, which is why they haven't been offered a deal just yet.

But they have been said to have a good head on their shoulders and not druggies like many Indy guys are nowadays.

So as of right now, it's just a waiting game.