Bret Hart Signs With the WWE: My Reaction

Sean JacksonContributor IIIDecember 18, 2009

Many wrestling fans received an early Christmas present when it was announced that Bret Hart signed a short-term deal with the WWE. 


Hart will start with the company at the beginning of next year. His contract expires two weeks after WrestleMania 26.


So after all of these years of the WWE trying to bait Bret Hart to come back, why would he come back now?


The WWE is putting together a Hart Foundation DVD as we speak. Bret signing this deal could be the reason the DVD went through.


Now that he is back, what role will he have with the company?


There are many factors to consider when figuring out what he will do. The biggest factor that stuck out at me was the length of his contract. Bret is coming in just at the right time to build a story for WrestleMania. He could be involved in an angle to help his family members in the WWE or for a much-awaited final match.


Many have speculated that Bret will take on a more administrative role such as a general manager, or commissioner type. Bret has been offered these positions in the past and has passed on each offer. It wouldn’t make any sense for him to come back now for four months just to fill an administrative role.


Some have suggested that Bret’s comeback could be used to solve the Montreal Screwjob. I think that would be a poor waste. First, the angle was done in 1997, plus they have alluded to it in recent years.


Seeing a Bret Hart-Shawn Michaels match would be great, but I doubt Bret would go for it considering the trust issues he has had and continues to have with Michaels. Besides, it would be too predictable.


Others suggest Bret will fight Vince. And while that would be interesting, it wouldn’t be a great story. Bret already “knocked out” Vince back when the incident happened. Having this match would only rehash the same story the WWE has been rehashing for the last 12 years.


Now I know many, including myself, would love to have some closure to the Montreal Screwjob. But what could they do that wouldn’t be predictable? Part of the allure of the incident is the fact the incident was never resolved. I’m not saying they couldn’t pull off something terrific but I’m not sure this was why he returned. Too many people would expect it.


If Bret was to step into the ring it should be with a new opponent and a new storyline. Imagine Bret Hart stepping in the ring after all he has endured both professionally and personally over the past 12 years with a current top guy like John Cena or Randy Orton. Bret would be the underdog which fits his character perfectly. In a way, it would be a perfect way for Bret to go out, win or lose.


Of course there are other factors to consider, mainly his health. Would Bret want to risk anymore damage for one more match? While millions would love to see Bret back in the ring, would it be worth the risk? After being out of the ring for so long what kind of match could he do?


So, while there are many details to sort out one thing is for sure. Bret Hart is back. And for many who were fans of his like myself, this is very good news.